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Thread: The epitome of Dork

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    The epitome of Dork

    We bought Mikey a snuggie for the winter..whose the dork here?

    Back view..>.<

    I don't know who is the dork? Me for buying it or him for being so damn happy about it.

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    Awww....he's not a dork...he just feels special

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    Lol Looks a little Snug... gie. I've seen those at Walgreens by the check out. The other day I saw a lady pick up one, stare at it for a while and then take a pack of Charmin out of her cart and put the Dog Snuggie in it... I guess a Snuggie is more important than TP in her house!! =)

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    That color looks good on Mikey! He's too cute! No dork about it, him or you.
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    Awww....Mikey will be one warm guy this winter. You are in a great home with people who care, Mikey. No dorks at your place.

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    HAHA cute!
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    NO! Your definately not a dork Your just trying to keep your boy warm and he's happy you love him so much!

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