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Thread: Pet Ashes...What do you think?

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    Pet Ashes...What do you think?

    I have ashes at my house from my cat Kit Kat in one urn and ashes from my Black Lab Herbert T. in another urn. I still have to pick up Casey's ashes from the vet's office. has been almost two months!

    Here is my question. I have seen a lot of really nice urns online. Do you think it would be wrong to get one large urn and put all 3 pets' ashes in one? Please be honest because this is just a thought I had and I have no clue if it would be a bad idea.


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    It's a good idea, I just can't imagine doing it!

    I have the ashes from 2 dogs and 3 ferrets now.
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    I see absolutely nothing wrong with it, but I personally would keep the ashes separate. I believe that I would like to be able to tell everyone apart... you know? I can't say that for sure, though... as I only have one cremated pet. I suppose if you kept the ashes each in their own little bag in the urn then telling them apart wouldn't be as much of a problem.

    I guess I think too much into it!

    I am glad to hear of some other PTers who keep their pets' ashes. When people find out that we have Frisk's ashes they sometimes don't know what to think...
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    I think it's a wonderful idea!

    We have pet ashes (7) buried all over the back yard, complete with markers. I put the ashes in a Tupperware or Rubbermaid container, with a lid. I enclose a laminated photo of the animal and a copy of The Rainbow Bridge poem.

    A couple of my cats are buried in multiple areas. One grew up next door - when they moved, she stayed with us. So when she died, I asked the current neighbors if they would mind if I mixed a teaspoon of Bernadette in the herb garden. Fortunately, they are cat owners - so there's a little bit of Bernie where she grew up.

    BTW, when my husband and I die, we want to be cremated and have our ashes mixed together.

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    Absolutely!!! I didn't do that with Mollie Rose's and Casey's ashes because they each have urns. But I do think it's a great idea.

    When I die, I've put it in my will that all my cats ashes will be combined with mine and scattered at Bolton Lake.

    My friend got the most beautiful urn I've seen. It's carved wood and has a spot for Sassy's picture, and it plays music that plays "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". You can find alot of good things like that online. That's where Steph got hers.

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    We have DJ (Bruce's Cocker) and Taz on the shelf along with our pictures and things. We kept the cards we got from the vet office and DJ's collars and a toy.
    My sister has 4 boxes up in her old room at my parents house of all her dogs. They were at my parents when they went to the bridge so they are all together in her room.
    Personally, I wouldn't mix them together. But that's just me. I don't see anything wrong with doing it, I just wouldn't want to. I like having their own separate places.
    When my brothers dog died this past May they had him cremated only because the ground was too hard to dig a grave for him. So when the ground softens up they will bury his ashes along side his buddy, Digger, who passed several years ago. They live in the country with acerage, that's why this is possible.
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    I think it's just a matter of what you feel is the right thing for you. I personally don't believe that there is a right or wrong way to handle it.

    I have the ashes of all my RB kids. My 3 Siamese are in one cedar box, but in separate plastic bags. I have 2 other cats that have separate containers, and my 3 Lhasas, my terrier, and my son's GSD are all separate.

    When I pass on, I will be cremated and all the pet ashes will be mixed with mine, and we will be scattered in the ocean. If I pass before my furkids that I have now, then the ocean journey will wait until they are able to join me and the rest of the crew.
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Sassy's ashes are one our hutch in the kitchen with a nice picture on top. It was what we got from the crematory, a beautiful wooden carved box with flowers on it, and "sassy" on a brass plate. I have seen urns where you can get pictures of the pets painted on it. Maybe you can do that so you know which one of your babies are in the urn.

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    I personally don't think I'd want to mix mine, maybe separate bags in the same container, but it's up to the individual. I think you should do what ever makes you more comfortable.
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    Thanks everyone. I would keep them each in their separate bags if I put them in one container. Still not sure what I will do. Thanks again.

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    I suggest bury it in your own backyard

    That's what exactly I did and I have peace of mind. I can easily visit the place and there would always be room for others.

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    Each of my RB dearhearts are in a small wooden carved box... with a small "charm"-like dog or cat attached to a lace ribbon sent by the crematorium (sp?) ... (I have often thought that I should have had my husband taken there my son was at first appalled but then understood) We have discussed taking the dear little boxes and burying them in a spirit circle in our yard. I own the house and would never sell it.. it will go to my son. I wish to be part of that circle when I go. I have never discussed this before. Now I'm embarressed to even mention it
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    There is no reason to feel embarassed or strange about anything you decide. It's your relationship with your pet. I, personally, have none of the ashes of my animals. That's my decision. They're in my heart forever.

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    Well I have never had any of my animals cremated we've always buried them so I wouldn't really know, but I guess I might as well give my opinion and say that I don't see anything wrong w/ it. They're your animals and you chose to have them cremated and if you want to mix the ashes you've got the right to that as well

    I was wondering though--where do you go to get that done for an animal???
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    My vet is located in an animal hospital and they do the cremating there and you pick the ashes up in a few days. They put the ashes in a plastic bag and then into a generic black urn.

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