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Thread: Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet?

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    Has anyone started Christmas shopping yet?

    I have gotten a few things. I have learned from past years to get it when I see it rather than wait. It may not be there when you go back! Soooo, with a nip in the air that tells us that Christmas is around the corner, how about you?

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    I'm the same as you, Pam. I have a few things and only because I found a good sale price on something I was going to get anyway, and one item that I had to custom order. I really don't know what to get anyone again this year, but that's about par for the course.
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    I haven't even started Christmas shopping thinking yet!
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    Christmas shopping is rather minimal in our house. We came to an agreement many years ago in our families that we all DON'T NEED ANYTHING! So, we do little gift baskets with consumables that will be used, and call it a day. We're all very blessed and fortunate and would rather put resources where they're needed elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pinot's Mom View Post
    Christmas shopping is rather minimal in our house. We came to an agreement many years ago in our families that we all DON'T NEED ANYTHING! So, we do little gift baskets with consumables that will be used, and call it a day. We're all very blessed and fortunate and would rather put resources where they're needed elsewhere.

    I so love this idea, and wish I could totally implement it everywhere! I like the idea of sponsoring those less fortunate- be they furry, skinned, known or otherwise.

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    Our list is short, but I do start in January. If I see something, I buy it then. Spreading the buying over the year makes it feel like you spend less.

    We don't give to each other. Instead we give to a couple of charitable organizations dealing with animals and birds.

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    I've started buying a few items that I know is needed but we don't go overboard like we used to anymore. We also pool our money and donate to the animal shelter and I pick up items on sale year round so it makes quite a few huge boxes of stuff that they can really use. If someone mentions a special something I will jot it down and get it, otherwise we mostly get eatables also and for some we get bath stuff that I know they love. Besides that, being together is our biggest treat and we always invite someone who is alone to share our meal. We always try to get a homeless child to share the day also.

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    I voted Bah Humbug. Only because I do not have money to shop now. Hopefully I will by Thanksgiving. I'm actually going to do the Black Friday thing with my mom, SIL and nieces. I'm scared!! I hate shopping! LOL
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    I didn't vote because it isn't too early, but I haven't bought anything yet. I am going to get some books for the kids at the preschool book fair in the morning, and a couple of them are already set aside for me, but I don't think I can count it as a purchase just yet.

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    I'm making gifts for people this year and Ive started getting the materials...does that count?

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    We really only buy presents for the kids in the family, so we haven't started yet. Instead of buying for adults, we starting doing a gift exchange.

    Last year my mom and grandma came for Christmas so we had us, them, and my brother and SIL put our names in a hat. We picked one person (we kept it secret till after we exchanged gifts) and spent $20. It was fun! I got some cashmere socks and a gingerbread house (my brother got my name, but he cheated because my husband helped him pick the stuff out! I liked it anyway. ).

  13. I do it all year round. When I see something clever or interesting or at an exceptional price or from someplace I've traveled...I get it and put it in a dresser I have just for that.

    I may not buy it for anyone in particular. Then I decide. Somethings stay in the drawer for a while until the right occasion/person.
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    I try to spread out the expense over sept, oct, nov and dec so yes I have started.....costco has the perfumes in around august/september so I bought 3 bottles of juicy couture, its a great price there.
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    I have already bought my Christmas Cards.. Does that Count??

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