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Thread: Pittsburgh's best retoucher

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    Pittsburgh's best retoucher

    Some you may remember my husband Dan. He works as Retoucher and is always altering images. It is amazing to me how little seems to be "REAL" anymore. I constantly see things that "look sooo good" that I know he has worked on. If you shop in a Supermarket and buy petfood, treats, etc. or if you've ever looked up a Billboard - chances are you've seen his work too! Saw him working on some Squirrel image the other day. He uses some technique to "mask" elements in one photo and merge them into another. Since there was a cute squirrel in the project, I asked him to make small samples for me so I could show people what he does. Here he took two squirrels and masked them and put them together. You can see more of his work at
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    sure I remember him!!.. I loved his work.. I though as well as many here miss his posts and the lovely Bob.. how are you all doing?.. sen my hello´s and a nice belly rub to the pooch
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    He's got talent!

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    Thats pretty trick work.
    I have a HUGE SIG!!!!

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    It is so nice to hear from you. Yes, he sure has talent!

    Give my best to Dan and Bob too!

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    I sure do remember Bob!! He's got a wonderful talent. How about posting his works in the "Marketplace" section of PT (If you haven't already).

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    Yes, I do remember Bob. As I recall, you lived in the Monroeville area. I've since moved to Cabot, Pa, but I used to live in Penn Hills. He does fine work and has great talent.

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