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    I found Milly dead yesterday. I don't know. I found her just laying on her side on the floor of her cage. She was old though, about 2.5 years now.

    I got Milly to keep Jazz company since it isn't good for rats to live alone. They were from the same pet store but from different cages. Milly was always a sweetie. She loved to give kisses and to cuddle. At one point she seemed altered and off but I later realized that that was how Milly was. Sweet but....crazy? off? mentally disabled? I don't know but she was certainly one of a kind. She was every rats friend. She loved every rat that she lived with completely. Milly also was certain that she was alpha rat. The other rats sensed her...specialness and didn't always bother her if she stole food from them or decided that they were dirty and needed to be groomed. So she lived her life knowing that she was alpha rat when she wasn't. She sometimes suffered from what I think were panic attacks. Once she calmed down from them she was especially cuddly and kissy.

    I'll certainly miss Milly a great deal. She was my special Milly-Willy. <3

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    Rest In peace Milly <3

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    Rest in peace, little one. You were much loved.
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    I'm so sorry about Milly.
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    I'm sorry. She was a cute little girl.
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