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Thread: Narrow Minded People In My Town!! Ggrrr

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    Narrow Minded People In My Town!! Ggrrr

    gggrrr, My ISP has a ''conference'' that people go to and discuss things. Like a discussion board for the county. Alot of people post things (not so nice) anonymously (sp) and say nasty things about the politics in the town. Almost every discussion put on there turns politcal if it is meant to or not. When I first moved here I posted a question about finding an Exterminator and someone put stuff on there about Bill Clinton!!!! ANYWAY, I posted a topic about a dog park in the community and I got mixed responses which I figgered I would get but here are the posts!!!! I tried to clean it up as best I could, the extra crap and duplicate posts etc.I will put my posts in BOLD!

    I have been leery of posting this b/c I am afraid that people will think I am nutso.
    And I sometimes despise posting things here b/c people bring up such political
    things or say in appropriate things on posts that have nothing to do with the topic,
    and it angers me. {ie: the free to good home kittens and someone posted, "the
    other white meat"} But, what can I say, I am still going to post this under
    anonymous b/c I don't want drowned under e-mails, not that anyone would send
    them to me. Just in case.
    I was wondering how well a dog park would go over here in Upper? There is
    one in Findlay at the Riverbend park. It is fenced in, on about 3 acres. With
    Trees, and a couple picnic tables, and the parks people hang jugs of water on the
    fence for the owners. It is awesome for those of us who want to exercise and
    socialize our dogs that live in town.
    I was just wondering how big the need would be. When I was there I met a guy
    from Crawford that takes his dog over there.
    And I talked to a few people at work and they said they would be interested in
    one here locally also.
    There is a membership at the one in Findlay. You pay $10.00 a year from
    December to December. You only have to make sure that the parks service (or
    whoever) has a copy of your dogs updated shots. They provide baggies similar to
    the ones at Bicentennial and Stepping Stone. And one of the rules is you have to
    clean up after your pet. You can also sign up to volunteer around the park etc,
    but not required. They also have a smaller dog kennel (similar to what I am sure
    many of you have for your dogs) that is the "time out kennel" if you will. If the
    dogs don't get along or pick a fight, they have to go in there. There is a
    combination lock on the fence and it is locked when not in use, members get a
    membership card with the combination on it. And it changes at the beginning of
    each year.
    I have no idea where a good spot would be for one. Any suggestions? Really
    other than the baseball diamonds in the fall at the park, there isn't a place to let
    your dogs run and exercise. In Hancock CO, if the dog is in any other part of the
    park, it has to be on leash (less than 8 feet). Just like the leash rule at the Upper
    I just wanted to know if anyone else was interested in this locally. I am willing to
    drive a half an hour for my dog, but I would be AWESOME to have one locally
    so I don't have to!
    Thank you for your time!

    I think that this sounds like a GREAT idea! I know of several in our
    neighborhood that would support the park. I don't think that you are nuts. I
    would encourage you to contact someone in the city (mayor, council member,
    park board member, etc.) to express your idea to them. I'm sure that they will
    listen, and take your idea under advisement. Letting them know a little about what
    Findlay is doing would probably help.

    And, I also agree to your comment about the unrelated replies to topics posted
    on this conference board. I, too, hate to post anything for the same reasons you
    give. Makes you wonder if those individuals have anything else to do with their
    time other than come up with those comments. Posting like yours are what I feel
    this conference board is all about. Thank-you!!!!

    And I thank you for the support!! WOW!! I would have never thought I would
    get such a positive first response!!!
    Do you know where I can find a list of the park members??

    I am sure that if you call the mayor's office, his secretary would be able to tell
    you. The superintendent of the parks is Mike Cheney, and he would be able to
    tell you, also. He might even take the idea and pursue it. Or you might try the
    Upper Sandusky Area Chamber of Commerce office. The office has a wealth of
    information about the city and surrounding area. The more people that you "bug,"
    the more chances of starting something. Maybe if you have friends that believe in
    this project, they could contact them also. The more support you have, the better.
    If I had a dog, I would join in your campaign.

    I sincerely hope that you can make something happen with your idea. I noticed
    recently that Upper promotes itself as "The City of Parks." What a good addition
    to that theme. Please keep us informed of any developments.

    I could never take my dogs to a any kind of park without having them on a leash.
    My dogs are very well behaved but I would worry about other dogs. My dogs
    are tiny and the leash lets me have quick access to them . What about children
    and a dogs with no leash ?

    The park in Findlay I am talking about has a rule that children under the age of 16
    must be accompanied by an adult. And that puppies under the age of 16 weeks
    shouldn't be there either since they haven't had all their shots yet. The first time I
    went to the park a few weeks ago, a woman brought her Jack Russell Terrier that
    was the runt of the litter and weighed 9 pounds. All the dogs that were there were
    over 40 pounds. All the dogs did great with her even tho they had never been
    around a dog so small. My dog harasses my cat constantly and she weighs 12
    pounds. Honestly,I was worried mine would try to pounce on the dog, my cat
    and this little dog are both all white. My dog did great with her. Also, if you are
    not comfortable having your little dogs around big dogs, you could take them
    when people/dogs aren't likely to be around. I took mine to the dog park in
    Findlay on Monday afternoon around 3pm and was the only one there. Also
    someone told me that there is a dog park in Texas that has 3 fenced in areas. One
    for the dogs under a certain weight limit and one for dogs over and one for all
    I just think this is a great idea for the county b/c obviously people have expressed
    an interest in this and yes there is one in Findlay but why should we as Wyandot
    county citizen's pay Hancock county? If I want my dog to get proper exercise I
    have to drive 50 miles round trip to either Findlay or to where my parents live in
    Kenton. I am willing to do this yes, but not every day. If I had a park like this
    locally we would probably be there everyday at least. I just took my dog to the
    Bicenntenial Park to the baseball diamond. I walked her around the perimeter
    and made sure the gates were shut, and that I had a baggie for any "deposit". She
    ran around playing with her tennis ball until her heart's content. That would work,
    but I don't know if the park people would like it very much!!!!! Altho I cleaned
    up after her and she didn't bother anyone.

    Well, why don't you just keep doing what you always have done. let your dog
    crap on your neighbors lawn and kill his Shrubbery with its urine? That is what all
    dog owners do.
    Why should the taxpayers pay for building a park that only dog owners can
    enjoy? This is just another way that republicans want to be separated from the
    "Haves" and "Have Nots"!
    You have a pet and that is ok with me but I don't want to pay for the upkeep with
    my tax dollars! The next thing you know, you will want me to pay for your child
    to go to a private school!

    >Well, why don't you just keep doing what
    >you always have done. let your dog crap
    >on your neighbors lawn and kill his
    >Shrubbery with its urine? That is what
    >all dog owners do.
    >Why should the taxpayers pay for
    >building a park that only dog owners can
    >enjoy? This is just another way that
    >republicans want to be separated from
    >the "Haves" and "Have Nots"!
    >You have a pet and that is ok with me
    >but I don't want to pay for the upkeep
    >with my tax dollars! The next thing you
    >know, you will want me to pay for your
    >child to go to a private school!

    HEY - GIVE US A BREAK - WILL YA !!!!?????

    This is just another way that
    >republicans want to be separated from
    >the "Haves" and "Have Nots"!

    You know, Republicans really do have broad shoulders!! We get blamed for
    everything. Every time one of you Democraps screw up, we get blamed. At least
    we take responsibility, and most of the time it is for YOU!! Since the beginning of
    politics, you hypocritical democraps have blamed us. Don't you think it is about
    time, in this day and age, to take some responsibility?? Probably not. Too bad.

    Here we go gets pretty monotonous...

    On 10/3/02 7:06:37 PM, Anonymous wrote:
    >This is just another way that
    >>republicans want to be separated from
    >>the "Haves" and "Have Nots"!
    >You know, Republicans really
    >do have broad shoulders!! We
    >get blamed for everything.
    >Every time one of you
    >Democraps screw up, we get
    >blamed. At least we take
    >responsibility, and most of
    >the time it is for YOU!!
    >Since the beginning of
    >politics, you hypocritical
    >democraps have blamed us.
    >Don't you think it is about
    >time, in this day and age, to
    >take some responsibility??
    >Probably not. Too bad.

    I agree, it is monotonous. Had an old friend once who used
    to say, "you have to pick the meat off the bones and throw
    the bones away". Although she was talking about some of
    the stuff you hear preached from the pulpits, it would fit here
    too. There are some good points made here.

    >Here we go gets
    >pretty monotonous...

    >>You know, Republicans really
    >>do have broad shoulders!! We
    >>get blamed for everything.
    >>Every time one of you
    >>Democraps screw up, we get
    >>blamed. At least we take
    >>responsibility, and most of
    >>the time it is for YOU!!
    >>Since the beginning of
    >>politics, you hypocritical
    >>democraps have blamed us.
    >>Don't you think it is about
    >>time, in this day and age, to
    >>take some responsibility??
    >>Probably not. Too bad.

    How dare you say I let my dog crap and pee in your yard. I take a bag with me
    when I take her for a walk. I suspect you might be one of the ones that does that.
    I never said non-dog owners couldn't enjoy the park. If Upper is the "city of
    parks" why can't I enjoy it with my dog? I don't have any children, that is why I
    have a dog. Very rarely do I let my dog off leash in town for that reason, yes she
    has been off leash b/c she has escaped. Nor do I want to pick her up at the
    Humane Society if they catch her. How about the time before Christmas when my
    dog was only about 12 weeks old I took her outside and the biggest chocolate
    lab I have ever seen comes running right up to me. Thank God it was friendly, I
    bet he was out pooping and peeing in other people's yards. And I have no idea
    who he belonged to. If other communities all over the United States can support
    something like this why can't we. Since you don't want to pay for my kid to go to
    private school, how about paying for some manner classes for yourself. And at
    least I signed my name.

    Just in case we have people like this respond or in charge of the project. For
    those of you interested in an application to the Hancock Park District's k-9 Field
    of Dreams dog park, call 419-425-7275.

    Manner classes - I love it. I wish some of these people
    WOULD take them !!

    I want a park for my cat,,,with scratcin posts and little bags of cat-nip hangin
    from the fences. Milk from bottles,and a four hole porta kitty potty,,,no bags for

    Where exactly do you think this town can put another park we have too many
    How many more parks do we really need..
    Just let your dog run loose,maybe you`ll get your park,but you`d be better off
    building it yourself!!!!!GOOD LUCK (pet owners)
    Keegan 9/28/2001 to June 9, 2012
    Kylie (June 2000 to 5/19/2012)
    "we as American's have forgotten we can agree to disagree"
    Kylie the Queen, Keegan the Princess, entertained by Kloe the court Jester
    Godspeed Phred and Gini you will be missed more than you ever know..

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    It seems pretty stupid to me that the individual complaining about the cost would say anything when you already seemed agreeable to a membership fee. I think it's a very nice idea. Obvioulsy the grump who wrote that didn't read your post very carefully!

    And that "other white meat" comment is gross! I can't believe anyone would say something like that!

    Anyway, I think it's a lovely idea and it seems like more people would like it than not. The other stuff about republicans/democrats... well that's not really the issue and if it came up with city coucil those people would be filtered out because it's not really that relevant to the issue at hand

    Good luck.. I hope it works out for you and your community!

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    Well good grief - what are those people on? Why does a sensible, well thought out idea get abuse hurled upon it from people of obvious moronic attitudes? Staci - don't let 'em get to you - the initial response seemed so positive - ignore the moaners and go for it girl!! Good Luck I hope you get this up and running.


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    I think the response about the cat park is cool.

    All anyone talks about in my town are politics too. It gets really annoying.

    I think a doggie park is a good idea.
    I love my furkid Neko!

    ^TAMA^ 8/24/00 - 4/27/12 Thank you for being in my life I love you always and forever

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    I think your letter was very well written. It's a shame that some sourpuss had to turn it into something political. I too was appalled about the "white meat" comment. I wish we had a dog park around here. We have plenty of "people" parks where dogs on leashes are welcomed (providing their humans carry 'poopie' bags), but Since Bella only lives with cats I would love for her to have more play interaction with dogs. I hope you get some more positive responses. Keep us posted!

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    I think it's pretty obvious that the people who posted on there know NOTHING about politics and even less about having constructive conversation.

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    OMG!! That`s so stupid! Politics have NOTHING to do with dog parks!

    And What`s up w/the "white meat?"

    I think you should move!

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    Oh Stace, don't let them get to ya. The one post that guy or girl made was just absurd. Must be some sad, bored person with no friends!

    Keep on top of your idea. The dogs in your county will thank you!
    Shiloh, Reece, Lolly, Skylar
    and fosters Snickers, Missy, Magic, Merlin, Maya

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    Off to the races....
    Amazing how such an innocent first post turned into your dog running all over town, peeing and pooping where ever she pleases. Keep trying though..maybe something will work out. I should do the same in Toledo...until then, I guess we both keep driving to Findlay!

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    Thanks everyone. Do you think y'all could move here?
    PetTalkville is sounding better and better every day!!
    The latest was, I assume the person that put the nasty message about dog owners said something like. "I notice you didn't sign your name to this post,Sweetheart, (which I did), and I can just imagine your dog and my dog at a place like that. Your dog would be no match for my dog, CUJO."
    So he has resorted to threatening my dog??????
    and my reply went something like this "I suggest you check it again b/c I did sign my name, buddy boy. And don't call me sweetheart, honey!!"
    what an a**!
    But I probably will write a letter to the person in charge of the parks. If it doesn't fly, it isn't simply b/c of this one person. (JUST ALOT OF PEOPLE LIKE THEM!) But there does seem to be an interest for others. Several people have told me that don't have dogs that it is a good idea b/c they wouldn't like to be stuck on a leash wherever they went. And one person in the discussion said they were interested even tho the didn't have a dog, and if they did, they would support me.
    Unfortunately, I just have to realize that this person that is so against it and negative is probably the kind that has one or more dogs tied to the dog house and only sees it once a day if its lucky. At least it makes me feel better thinking that!!! And I have to realize that not everyone thinks of their dog (pet) like a child like we do!!!
    Yes, Amy I think you should try to start something in Toledo. It definately would have a need for it up there!! I couldn't believe it when you told me there wasn't any!!! And even if (fingers/paws crossed) this does happen in Toledo or Upper, we can still drive to Findlay to let the girls play. (and Taggert, I am not forgetting that little sweetie!!)
    Keegan 9/28/2001 to June 9, 2012
    Kylie (June 2000 to 5/19/2012)
    "we as American's have forgotten we can agree to disagree"
    Kylie the Queen, Keegan the Princess, entertained by Kloe the court Jester
    Godspeed Phred and Gini you will be missed more than you ever know..

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