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Thread: puppies and kittens behavior

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    puppies and kittens behavior

    I come across a video that made me watch it a couple of times..

    It's very cuuute! It made me wonder how puppies and kittens had a moment like that.. I can't imagine how they did that video without special effects..

    Check it out and see those lovely little creatures spend with each other playing and just having fun!

    It's a 5 rating!
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    i know this video!! it's really cute and i keep on watching it over and over again... i like it so much that i'll try to ask my parents if they could get me a copy of it... wish me luck!!!

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    I don't know but I feel badly for that poor gray kitty towards the left back. His hair is all standing up and his tail is all foofed out. He is obviously scared.

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    so cute! on the right it had links to other videos, the one where the 2 big dogs play with the kitten made me a little nervous at first but they were gentle and seemed as scared of kitty as kitty was of them

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    i showed this video to my cousin.. she loved the video and wants to buy a copy of the dvd..
    she said that it was interesting to observe and look at how puppies and kittens behave and/or react when put in situations (interacting with animals of the same kind and of a different kind, playing with balls) like those in the video..

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    Quote Originally Posted by happylabs View Post
    I don't know but I feel badly for that poor gray kitty towards the left back. His hair is all standing up and his tail is all foofed out. He is obviously scared.

    yes, I know how you felt

    I also feel the same..

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    What kind of room were they in?? And I thought that the biggest puppy was adorable!! What kind was he?
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    The video reminds me of my Ginger (lab/shepard mix) and Patches. Patch was about 7 weeks old and Ginger about 2 months. They grew up as sisters ending up at 78 lbs 7 lbs. Ginger would try to purr like her sister, never realy worked. Patchs was diabetic and Ginger kept an eye on her. They slept together, played together, and if one went to the vet the other had too. When Ginger passed it took 7 weeks before Patch knew it and she just stopped eating and drinking. 4 days later she too was gone.
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