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Thread: Dog Fancy

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    Dog Fancy

    Who is subscribed to this magazine? Just a curiosity poll.

    I have been for a couple of years now. I think I just like looking at all of the pictures, hehe. My brother thinks I'm nuts.

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    I don't get it, currently, but one day, when I am afforded a little more time, I certainly will. I do buy a gift subscription for a friend, who enjoys it very much, but couldn't justify the expense.

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    I pick up Dog Fancy every now and then from Petsmart, but do not have a subscription. One day, when I have enough time, I will. It's great!

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    I had gotten it for about 5 years, but when we got Roxey, I didn't seem to have as much time to read it. Seems I was just looking at the pictures & putting it away. So I let my subscription lapse. I don't think I'd get it again (with the computer & all ), but I did like it.

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    i never bought or have even seen the magazine, but i've heard of it because two years ago, when i went to florida they were selling a dog calandar (which it took the whole shopping trip to comvince my dad to get it for me). it was from dogfancy, so i went on the website and i look at the info. that's all
    oh, and have any of you entered your dogs in the 2002 calandar for dogfancy? a lot of the dogs look like some of yours.

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    I have seen some issues before, cute magazine but I just do not have the time to read it.

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    I just renew my subscription to Dog Fancy and for the first time subscribed to Dog World ( I keep finding deals and have never paid for the $15/yr) I like to read it at work ( And from time to time the Pres. of the company borrows it from me...little brown nosing never hurt!)

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    Jul 2002
    ( And from time to time the Pres. of the company borrows it from me...little brown nosing never hurt!)
    LOL, you crack me up!

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    Jun 2002
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    I read cat fancy every month. I'm too cheap to buy them from Petsmart, so I get them at the local used book store. There are a few people with subcriptions that sell them as soon as they are done with it, sometimes they get to the used book store before they get to Petsmart, and they are only $1.25
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    I have been reading Dog Fancy for about 4 years and have been subscribed to it for almost a year. I LOVE IT! I can't wait to read it every month. And the pics are great

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    Due to a momentary lapse of sanity I signed up for a magazine club. I am getting a boatload of Magazines until 2006. I can't wait for it to come!!! Except I will be 31!! YUCK!!
    But on top of all the "woman" magazines I get, I subscribe to Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy. I love both of them. When my subscriptions to all my other magazines run out the ones I will keep renewing are those 2 and my Reimen publication magazines.
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    I have a subscription to Dog Fancy, because my son's friend was selling magazines to raise money for school, and I bought it. I probably won't renew it, though. It's ok ... but I find I don't have much time to read it.

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    I have never heard of it.

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    seems like not many get this great mag. ! I LOVE it ! ! I too am also really busy but I keep it in the bathroom lmao so over time I get to read it cover to cover lol

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    I subscribed for about 5 years. I saved all the copies (still have them!) until I ran out of storage space. So I sent our local library a subscription. Now I can keep up with the new info and not have to find a place to keep them. And other dog lovers can read them too.


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