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    In orchestra, we have the most annoying teacher in the world. If she tell the violins to play, anybody who is not ready in the next second is sent out of the room with a pass to the principal. I had her last year, and this year, and I have usually never had a problem with her temper. Everyday last year, I had my music, except for a few days when I was lazy to take it out. She has never caught me, and my stand partner, Lauren, is very understanding and nice. Well on this day I was running late and didn't want to get detention, and didn't bother taking my music out of my backpack. Well, I'll tell you, I DID walk out of that class with a pass for lunch detention the next day. It was the first time she has EVER done anything to me, and I thought she was pretty cool. When I had a playing test, I was scared to death, and she kept telling me it was gunna be okay. The ONE day I don't bring my music, she has to make two kids leave because they do not have their music, and then asks everyone without their music to stand up.Of course I was not going to lie, so I stodd up. She gave everybody standing up lunch detention (and that was like half the class). Nobody likes her, and you know what is funny? Her name is Mrs. Good!! I think she should not have married a guy named Mr. Good, because obviously Good and Bad do not mix. Anybody ever have this problem? I have never gotten lunch detention before!!

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    Lol... calm down. Detentions aren't bad at all. And next time, be prepared.

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    When I took band if you dind't have your music you couldn't play.. what's the point in being in a class like that if you don't have your music with you? It's like going to math without a pencil or a calculator.

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    I give lunch detentions if the student can't stay after, but if they take a lunch detention they have to serve 2 to get their 30 minutes in. I'm so mean!! Trust me hon...teachers hate detentions as much as the students. I teach with people who won't give them because THEY don't want to be punished! lol I'm with KayAnn....grin and bear it and get to class on time from now on and the problem is solved. Trust a battle between a teacher and a student, the teacher wins 98% of the time....fair or not.

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    I know, but this is actually with Mrs. Good-and she is mean!! She will rpobably make us sit there while she screams at us I will have to ask my frinds tomorrow what she does.

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    Try having detention for half the year, I joined a program to help me write better back in grade school, I was told I could leave anytime, I did it for a month & then wanted out cause I was doing ok, the teacher told me no & made me stay in at lunch untill I finished it, 10 yrs latter & I still haven't finished it... hehe

    Trust me u haven't seen detention yet.

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    Trust me kids HATE coming to detention in my room...I customize my detentions to what they hate most. Scrub desks, write the dictionary, write a letter of apology, sit in ABSOLUTE silence without moving, you know....MISERY!! lol Sorry, I don't mean to laugh at your situation, but I'm sure you'll live through the experience and not do it again, which was the reason for the detention in the first place!! Good luck.

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    I've never had detention. Although I did have to talk to the vice-principal in 4th grade. I threw grasshoppers in another girls hair. Hahaha. The sad thing is that I would still do that today. A few days ago I was chasing my friend down the street with a huge katydid. It was about midnight and she was screaming. Of course I placed it on the floor in front of the bathroom right as she came out first. I'm evil.

    Actually I've had to talk to my share of teachers. Just none of them have sent me to detention.

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    quote Kingrattus: Trust me u haven't seen detention yet.

    Boy, ain't that the truth. I had a few issues when I was in school and I put in much detention!

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    My "angel" of a girl got detention once in the fifth grade (last year) for making a very poor choice and throwing spit balls on the ceiling of the bathroom at their brand new school. 5 of the top students (girls) in the fifth grade were guilty! LOL!!! I can laugh now, but I was not a happy camper when it happened (or at least not in front of her). Her dad busted out laughing when I made her tell him. She followed the wrong person, for sure!

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    I was in grade 3 I think when I got those crule detentions. I'm sorry but half a year of detentions for something u didn't do wrong, is not fair.

    But my first real detention was in grade 8, I don't like dances & the grade 8 teschers thought it would be a smart idea to have a dance during the afternoon, I asked if I could pass & do more of my volunteer work with the grade 1s & 2s as I did every lince for 2 years. my teacher said sure, so I went & the grade 2 teacher needed my help. This is how it went:
    help this person, help that person I thought I told u to help that person, why arn't u helping her, stop helping her help him, I thought I told u help her... She didn't even give me any time with a single student, this lasted for about 30 mins & I said I had to use the washroom,I didn't I went home.

    The grade 2 teacher was horrbly mad & told the princilpe to give me a half day detention, The principle asked what happened & I told her, she laugh & said shes not gonna punish me but she has to ack like she did so the teacher will stop yelling. I ended up in the vice principle office, with a radio, paper, markers, a friend & we had our own party in there & had a plast with the vice principle (I'm really good friends withher, I use to walk her Basenji's, the female was a purbreed champ for 2 or 3 yrs in a row & her son was a 1 yr champ)

    SO not all detentions r bad, some r fun

    But u did do wrong, so urs wont be any fun at all

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    Hey, I went today, and it was awesome! Mrs. Good left for another school, and wasn't going to come back for like an hour. So she wasn't there. Also, nobody bothered to show up except me and my three friends. Then we just hung out and drew on the chalkboard, and talked to the band teacher (he's really nice, lucky band people). We also saw the tech teacher coming out of his car outside, so we ran out the door and chased him! Nobody was watching us, and it was the best luch detention I ever had!

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    ive been there.its so annoying when teachers are unfair like that.but lunch detention doesnt sound so bad.

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