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Thread: A bathroom visitor

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    A bathroom visitor

    This little guy scared me half to death when he shot across the bathroom I tried to catch him in a bag and put him outside but I couldn't catch him.
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    awww, what a cutie! The bottom part of our house is brick and I see little lizards sunning themselves all of the time. I think they like to tease the cats by runing back and forth right outside the window. Fortunately I rarely find them in the house

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    I think he's cute. I'd love to see this scamper across the floor, beats a spider any day.

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    Awwwwwww! He's cute! Are they troublesome to have inside, e.g., do they spread germs or anything?
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    I really don't know anything about them except that they like to eat bugs!! We have lots and lots of bugs in this area of the country so I am quite pleased to have him in my home!!
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    I think if anything like that lived around here that wasnt in a tank, Erp, or the dogs would eat it.

    If it eats bugs Ild be cool with it too.
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    Hmmmm...lizard...spider...lizard...spider. I am not sure which is worse. He is cute though.

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    That doesn't look like the lizards I'm used to seeing out in the country here in Cali. What kind of lizard is that?
    And it's still in your house? I wouldn't be able to sleep knowing it was there. Not that I'd be afraid of it, but it would just creep me out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Taz_Zoee View Post
    What kind of lizard is that?
    It's a Mediterranean Gecko.

    I know how hard they are to catch, Missy. They're just so fast. Luckily they generally stay near the ceiling when they get in to my house. My cats always watch them, but they usually can't get to them. My husband has gotten pretty good at catching them, I'm too slow though and can never seem to do it.
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    Oh! What a sweet baby you have!! They are harmles and do eat mosquitos and stuff like that so don't worry, it will not eat you!!!!

    If you try to catch it, don't catch it from the tail since it comes loose. Better still put a jar on its side, with a small bit of ham and trap it. Please do let it free afterwards.

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    I tried to catch it in a paper bag laid on its side but it was too smart to fall for my little trap. oh well. He can take up permanent residence and eat the spider population that desperately needs culling in my area
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    Cute, but I don't want them in the house unless they're in a tank.

    When my brother lived in Florida, he always had the little visitors in the house, and the gardens were just loaded with them. He's in NC now, and when I was there a couple of weeks ago, saw one on the side of the house that was trying to get in where a piece of mortar was missing between the bricks up high around the rain gutter. Bro sealed it, but the little guy was still trying to find a way in. This one was about 3 or 4 inches from head to tail, and he was skiny and black with a faint gray stripe along his sides. Never saw one that color before.

    Occasionally we get them here in the hot weather, but very seldom. I didn't think they could survive this far north in the cold weather, but they must find somewhere to go to survive the winter.
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