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Thread: Ted Kennedy has passed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizbud View Post
    You saw the lightning too? A nice touch from the heavens.

    I read a nice letter from HSUS on his passing.
    Thanks for sharing that link, lizbud.

    I felt so badly for Patrick. He has no wife, nor children. He sat in the hearse, with his father - keeping watch.

    I thought Ted Jr's thoughts at the funeral were wonderful.

    I laughed with Orrin Hatch last night at the Wake, and wasn't John Culver simply hysterical, talking about his sailing adventures with Ted.

    Vicki Kennedy - the epitome of class.

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    We watched most of the traditional Irish wake on Friday evening. Really great. John Culver had a great story to begin with, and oh boy can he ever tell a story! I was in stitches!

    Had the TV on all day Saturday, watched the church service, the Capitol ceremony and the cemetery bit. Then continueed witht he documentary, Teddy, In His Own Words.

    Ted Jr.'s talk was amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom View Post
    Then continueed witht he documentary, Teddy, In His Own Words.
    I watched that too and found it to be very interesting. There was a lot of footage that I had never seen before. It seems MSNBC kept showing the same documentaries over and over, and it was good to see something new.
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