Hello from Bellingham, Washington! Yesterday I was playing a fun game of online poker at Pokerstars.com and a nice lady was at one seat sitting next to a big beautiful St. Bernard named Sampson! I did not copy her Yahoo e-mail address correctly and after writing a nice e-mail with pictures of my 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 ferrets, and Zak, the Amazon Parrot!! I was unable to send it as promised.
If Danielle reads this or someone who knows her!! It is fine to pass along my e-mail address so I can re-send it!
My little Frenchie loves the French Bulldog Pictures and only the ferret pictures can keep Marmalade and Maranade still for a few minutes at a time!
This is a great site..and I am glad I found it!
bye4now Mark Prince
[email protected]