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Thread: I am Looking for Danielle..Sampson's Mom

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    I am Looking for Danielle..Sampson's Mom

    Hello from Bellingham, Washington! Yesterday I was playing a fun game of online poker at and a nice lady was at one seat sitting next to a big beautiful St. Bernard named Sampson! I did not copy her Yahoo e-mail address correctly and after writing a nice e-mail with pictures of my 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 ferrets, and Zak, the Amazon Parrot!! I was unable to send it as promised.
    If Danielle reads this or someone who knows her!! It is fine to pass along my e-mail address so I can re-send it!
    My little Frenchie loves the French Bulldog Pictures and only the ferret pictures can keep Marmalade and Maranade still for a few minutes at a time!
    This is a great site..and I am glad I found it!
    bye4now Mark Prince
    [email protected]

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, with that gang, it sounds like you will fit in well here! The Sampson who was Dog of the Day must not be the same one as the lady and dog you met, as her name isn't Danielle. Must be big ol' furry dogs get named Sampson a lot!
    I've Been Frosted

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