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Thread: Help me !!!! Flea's

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    Help me !!!! Flea's

    Hello everyone... I have 6 cats theyre indoor cats never been outside I come home yesturday and I realized they all have flea's.. I couldnt wait to wake up today so i can buy a flea comb and something to wash them off .. I went to a petland discount and I bought a comb and a spray named HARTZ .. I got home I apply my cats with it ,.. For some reason I felt like googling if hartz was a good product oh man I've gotten the worstttttt responses .. It kills cats and dogs.. after i read that i wash all of them with dawn dish soap because i heard that works well .. alot of the fleas were coming out but i doubt the hartz was coming out.. any suggestions? I neeed help Im scared i do not want my cats to die .. so far its been 9 hrs and no reaction yet but people say it can take up to a week to show side effects .. WHAT SHOULD i do ? has anyone ever experince something like this?
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    I almost lost one of my cats to Hartz flea medication, but it was the drops, not the shampoo. I don't think the shampoo is as bad, but I'm not sure. I just know it almost cost me my orange boy's life as all his organs started shutting down. He live through it and is now fine, four years later. It cost me about $2,000, though. I hope all of your kitties stay fine. I now use the flea meds from the vet. They are so much better than anything Hartz puts out.
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    All of my cats are also indoor only and I've also had fleas before. Now I use advantage year round and I haven't had a problem since. You don't have to buy it from your vet. You can buy it online or at most pet stores now. I buy the large dog advantage and then I measure it for my cats. This saves me a lot of money and it's the same formula as the cats. Good luck.
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    Advantage is the only way to go. I too buy the dog and measure.
    Just keep an eye on your babies. They should be fine, the shampoo is not as bad as some of thier other products.
    All of ours are indoor and I am one of the frist to get the flea bits.
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