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Thread: Giving new address to dogs - problem!!-

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    Unhappy Giving new address to dogs - problem!!-

    My sister has 2 crossbreed dogs, which where strays and she homed, had them for 7yrs+. 3 years ago she moved out and left the dogs where they where, making multiple visits daily, since she did not have room in the new one. Now she bought another house in the same village she's living to move the dogs but they seem to have a problem.

    She brought them and stayed with them for 4 hours and left. When she got back after a couple of hours she found them both howling and crying. She also placed some clothes so they could smell her presance. The neighbours complained with her too and had to drive them back to their original resdence.

    Is there a way to give a new address to dogs without stressing the dogs and the neighbours?

    Kindly help!!

    Stressed out sister!!

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    Perhaps she can do it gradually. Bring them over for a few hours when she will be home, then leave for ten minutes and come back, and gradually get them used to the new place, until they are all settled in ... maybe she can try picking them up in the evening and having them stay the night with her? See how that works ... they will adjust given time, but it will take time!
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    What Karen said. Keep trying don't give up on them just yet!

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    Thanks for your feedback.

    Yeah! I agree that its the best option to get them use to the place first. They where quite lost poor guys. I don't blame them.

    Thanks again for your help, very much appreciated.

    Regards from hot and sunny Malta

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