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Thread: It's Sam Time!

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    It's Sam Time!

    Some time in the yard-

    On the trail-


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    Sam in the shallows-

    He was swimming in the lake but there was another dog swimming nearby that doesn't like puppies near him so I had to keep Sam's attention away from the dog and that meant putting my camera away. Next time I will get some good ones.

    |Dashing Hamsters|

    Slave To:
    Midnight, Ginny, Kiona, & Eevie-Cats

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    Sam is just the cutest! It looks like a nice place to walk.
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    I just want to jump in and give him some kisses!!! He is so handsome. I love his markings. How old is he? He looks like a widdle puppy. Great pics of him!!

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    Thanks Barry!

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