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    I am so devastated. It came as such a surprise, no warning, no symptoms, no odd behaviour. I was so tired last night I was just going to go straight to bed but then I saw everybody asking for their veggies so I lugged myself downstairs to get some. I saved the rat's for last because sometimes I have to supervise in case anyone decides to steal someone else's food. I counted off giving five rats their treats and then had to go looking for Maggie to give her the baby carrot. I found her in the bottom level hiding. She didn't turn around when I pet her so I picked her up and she just immediately cuddled up in my hands. Maggie was always sweet, kissy and friendly but she wasn't much of a cuddler, at least not in my hands. It took all of three seconds to realize that she wasn't all right. I just went and sat on my bed. She slept in my hands for a bit and then I guess I nodded off because suddenly I woke up and looked down and she wasn't in my hands anymore. I looked around me and she was laying next to me. So I laid on my side and pet her all night. She never really changed. She just breathed and slept. When she woke up she would start to clean her face then she would fall back asleep. I let the other rat's say good bye to her at one point. I don't think she was in pain, at least she hid it well if she was. She was still alive by morning so I planned to make a vet appointment to put her to sleep and see what might be wrong, she seemed too far gone for anything to help save her. But about half an hour ago she gave one last shuddering breath and died. I am thankful that I could be there with her while she took her last breaths.

    I never chose Maggie. Maggie chose me. I was in Super Pets buying food. That was it. In fact that very morning I had made a personal decision that two rats was plenty and that there was no need to keep wanting any more. But I looked at the rats, just to see. And she came running up to the glass and stood on her two hind legs and just stared at me. I walked away and looked at other animals and when I came back she came shooting out of her nest and waited by the front of the tank again. So after convincing(begging) my Mom to let me get her I proudly told an employee that I wanted 'that rat!, yes the one with the red eyes'. At the counter my Mom suggested that I get the soon-to-be-named-Maggie a friend, so I went back and picked out the soon-to-be-named-Nattie. I can only guess that they were sisters but often times the pet store mixes litters together. They soon moved in with my other two rats. Maggie was a kissy rat from day one. When I lifted her out of the carrier into her temporary cage she was giving me kisses. She was socialized too and was friendly as ever. I have never met such a sweet, caring, friendly, wholesome, sugar-souled creature. Maggie could not be mean. She was friends with the sometimes moody Jazz. She could put up with Milly's crazy antics. She kept her sister out of trouble sometimes (other times she followed along). Big, bossy Bambi was instantly a best friend. Shy, scared Beauty was to be sat with and consoled (a 20 hour drive is scary). And even smartie-pants Whitlyn could be won over by Maggie. I often told people who thought that Maggie's eyes were scary that I thought it was odd considering she was the nicest of the bunch. She even went to the mall with my one time, hiding out in my sweater sleeve while I ran in to get something quickly.

    Maggie was amazing and I am glad that no horrible disease took her slowly. I am glad that I got one more night with her. I am glad that everyday for a year and half that I got Maggie-kisses. I am glad that I could hold up her soft rex fur to my face only to hear her bruxx away. She will be missed by all, Nattie and me especially.

    So long Maggie may your sugar-soul join Jazz up at Rainbow Bridge. Wait for me girl. <3

    Yeah that is a 6.5" silent spinner. First day home.^

    First meeting Jazz and Milly^

    Moved in with the other two girls^

    Best Pea fisher around^

    Bath time^

    Getting big!^

    In the Ferret Nation Cage^

    Meeting Beauty and Bambi^

    Sisterly love^

    Run Free Maggie

    |Dashing Hamsters|

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    Midnight, Ginny, Kiona, & Eevie-Cats

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    My heart is with you. . .I lost my sweet budgie Betty last night. The little guys make such a big impact in your life, don't they?

    Maggie was beautiful and your love and special relationship is what living in this world is all about.

    Love to you -


    When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it's time to pause and reflect. Mark Twain

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    Thank you, that meant a lot.

    |Dashing Hamsters|

    Slave To:
    Midnight, Ginny, Kiona, & Eevie-Cats

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