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Thread: Darling Daphne!

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    Darling Daphne!

    Good morning beautiful bunny girl! Happy Pet of the Day to you, Daphe! Oh, if you aren't the most adorable creature, and as your Mommy says, so deserving of our extra special Sunday honors! Your happy homecoming story reads like an enchanted fairy tale, and your video is simply too precious for words! (I'll be that BIG banana tasted yummy!) It may have taken you just a bit of time to warm up to your new surroundings and pepole, Daphne. But your family's unwavering devotion and perseverance sure did pay off! Amazing just how far a little patience and time (not to mention some yummy fresh veggies and homemade apple juice) can go in helping to ease the transition! But it's official now, you're 100% in love with your happy new life and humans, and boy, don't they love you! What a pampered girl, and rightfully so! Hope you enjoy a very happy, love filled, "top pet" day, being spoiled to pieces and loved to bits! And here's to many, many more wonderful years with your family! Love and cuddles to you adorable Daphne, our most deserving, cute as can be, honoree!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

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    Daphne what a gorgeous little darling you are for sure!!!

    What a treat to see your precious little face on my computer today!!!
    I'm so glad you have settled in your new home and are having a grand time. I hope you and your loving humans are enjoying this special day together.

    Congratulations, sweetie, on being our special Pet of the Day!!!
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    Daphne, you're such a pretty bunny! I like your video. Congratulations on being POTD!
    I hope this is a special day for you!
    Forever in my heart...Casey.Ginger.Corey.Mandy.Sassy.Lacey.Angel .Missy

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    You are such a cute ball of white fur! I'm glad that you settled into your new home! Enjoy your day, cutie!

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    Daphne, you are very beautiful! If you were my bunny girl I would have to do exactly the same thing and spoil you thoroughly. Happy Bunny Pet of the Day to you, sweety, and a very happy life with your caring family! Please ask them to give you some gentle petting from me, a fan of bunnies!
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