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Thread: wierd dog!!!!

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    wierd dog!!!!

    someone dog is an outdoor dog and she spends all day outside on a chain. then as soon as she's let inside, she poops and pees on the floor. It's like she's holding it til she comes in. We haven't even found any messes outside at all. can some one tell me why she does this and how to get her to stop? I've searched all over the internet for help but can't find any.

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    What kind of dog is she? Why does she spend all day outside? How old is she? How long has this behavior been happening? How secluded is her outside space? Are there other dogs around?

    We need to know more before we can help.
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    I don't mean to sound harsh, but the first thing is, why is she chained at all? I didn't realize people still chained dogs in this day and age.

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    Well....a dog might be doing that because he/she is feeling not cared for or unloved. When animals feel a certain type of anger towards you or your house(furniture, etc.)it is usually regarding something that the owner has done to anger them or make them feel uncared for. You have your dog on a chain? He is probably feeling not cared for, and since he knows your the one that chained him, he expresses his anger towards you. Trying letting him off his chain once in awhile and letting him inside. Give him lots of treats and TLC to make sure he knows you love him.

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    I am not an expert in dog care, and I am still learning some about dogs. But I have a beagle who will poo on our bed if we let him in our bedroom. especially if we leave him home alone that day. I was told that dogs who have separation anxiety do this out of anger for you leaving them alone. my other pup will still poo in the house even right after letting her outside for a while. we just rub her nose in it, sternly shout no, and bring her outside and give her a treat when she goes potty outside. Your problem is not unheard of. I do not agree with the person saying that your dog is showing anger at you because she knows she is a chain all day and feels unloved, for two reasons. 1- it is true, up until recently, it was the norm for dogs to be kept outside all day, many on ropes and chains. 2- Dogs do not have complex emotions like humans do. Your dog does not feel rational thoughts, or talks to other dogs about how much or little their owners love them. they aim to please their owner, simple as that. But there are normal feelings all animals feel. If you leave your dog alone for a good period of time, check into the anxiety thing. I do agree with the person saying we don't know enough... knowing type of dog, age, and how long this is going on for will help us help you better.

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    If you were expected to spend all day in your room, would you potty in your room and have to live with it? Your dog doesn't want to live with his, either.

    Some dogs are happier being outside dogs. But they shouldn't be kept on a chain.

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