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Thread: my dog doesnt like toys

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    my dog doesnt like toys

    i just adopted a male cockerspaniel a year ago. his name is marty and he is very loving! there is only one problem, he'll never play with any of his toys! i have tried bouncy balls and tnnise balls,squeeky toys hard toys and stuffed toys and he will never play with any of them! marty will only grab them and bring them back to me for food and then he will forget that the toys are still there! i have no idea what to do.

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    Some dogs just don't "get" it. Just love him the way he is! What kinds of activities does he enjoy? If he likes running, maybe you could work on something like agility for fun!

    My family's beloved Great Dane never "got" toys, really. Despite the fact that she was 1/4 Labrador Retriever, she never "got" fetch, either. She wouldn't even catch food when we threw it to her. We gave up on it after a while.
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    My Sparky isn't much of a toy pup and never has been - he'd rather chill out on a pillow, or just snuggle with me. He might play with one for a few minutes, but that's all. He's 10 years old.

    Myndi is the toy girl - and she's 13. She likes to tear them apart and that's her way of playing with them, but she loves a serious game of tug of war. When she was younger and the old legs were in better shape, she would play fetch by the hour and loved to run, run, run! When she hears my son or DIL come in from work, she always runs and gets a toy to bring to them for a quick game of fetch.
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    My Basset Hound at school does not like toys neither. Doesn't know fetch. He is more of a people dog then a toy dogs. Some dogs are like that.
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