While I was driving to work today, I was listening to one of my old Simple Minds cds, "Live in the City of Light". Don't know why I suddenly felt like it, I did not listen to their music for years! But in the 80s, I loved the Simple Minds; their music was so energetic and their lyrics so inspiring. They made a (former) friend and me doing the weirdest things - like hitch-hiking to Sweden, only with a tent and some sleeping bags on our backs... Those were the days!!

Anyways, listening to their songs today was just overwhelming. It brought back so many memories, and it feels like this music is carrying all the energy of a life lost, a life when I was still young and healthy, and still had dreams... I didn't want to stop when I arrived at work, I wished I could have driven on for hours!

Well, guess nostalgic feelings like this are the best proof that one is getting old! Do you know what I mean? LOL