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Thread: New Jersey Adult Cats In Need of Loving Homes

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    New Jersey Adult Cats In Need of Loving Homes

    Due to economic issues, I am in the unfortunate predicament of needing to re-home several of my beloved, adult kitties. It breaks my heart to do this.

    They are all spayed/neutered, FeLV and FIV negative and Frontlined. I have all vet records to show they have received the utmost of care over the years.

    I am including 2 photos, one showing a gray tuxedo male (R-B) along with a gray male (Grindle), and the other photo is of my darling little tortie, Sacred. Her pose makes her appear menacing, but she is a sweetie that will expose her tummy for rubs and loves to play with teaser toys. I wanted to show the tip of her tail, which looks like it was dipped in peanut butter. She has no whipped cream (white) but I tell her she doesn't need it; she is sweet enough. She lives on my screened in front porch and uses her litter box perfectly like the lady that she is. She had already been spayed when we trapped her a few years ago, so she had a home at some point. We tried but no one claimed her. Her name has special meaning, but I won't go into that now.

    R-B was a feral born kitten (about 2 years ago) that we rescued from where my husband works. He was the most trusting and approachable. My husband could pick him up. If I sit on the floor, he loves to get on my lap for brushing and petting. He doesn't understand toys, and sometimes gets spooked by my attemps to engage him in play. He uses his litter box like a champ. He is very handsome, and has an almost inaudible meow.

    Grindle is special needs because a few years ago he had crystals. He is on special vet Rx food (Hill's CD). He has been fine ever since.

    Debra is in my avatar and is our cowgirl, black and white. She prefers to be the only cat, and prefers an open (no hood) litter box. She has a history of stones that surgery took care of about 5 years ago. She is also on the same food as Grindle so those two reside in the basement. She uses her open litter box just fine in the basement, since there aren't a lot of other kitties around. I think she would be happiest as the only cat in a household. She is about 7 years old but I would have to check her file to be sure.

    I can give more detailed info. on any of them if anyone thinks they could provide a loving home. They were all rescues, back when I could afford to do TNR.

    I am in Burlington County, NJ so if you are interested or you know of anyone interested in adopting an adult cat I thank you in advance.
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    How sad. I wish I had some words of wisdom for you.

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