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Thread: My kitten is a bully !

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    My kitten is a bully !

    Yes, just as the title says .. my kitten is a big bully.

    Here's the story, about a month ago we rescued 4 kittens (they are about 2 months old now), and kept two, brother and sister. Abby is the sweetest, well-tempered, cuddliest, cutest little kitten I could ever have hoped for. Her brother Chance is, on the other hand .. well, not quite so nice.

    I know that kittens and cats all play fight, and have also read that although it may seem as though their squealing and meowing sounds as if they're in pain, that they're only playing and that's how they learn, which I understand. I also read that sometimes kittens can be aggressive, but that they usually grow out of it around 3 months or something like that. I know they're only 2 months old, but Chance's behavior is getting so bad that my mom is trying to find a new home for him!

    Not only is he CONSTANTLY attacking and biting Abby, so much that we have to seperate them so she can peacefully play with her toys!, but he has also clawed and bit my face several times. I've become rather attached to the little kitty, as he can be sweet at times (usually when he's tired or just woke up), but I believe that he will grow out of it .. Anyone have any ideas for me to try to get him to behave better?

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    You can start clipping his nails, and keep a spray bottle handy at all times. Just a spray bottle of water, and when he goes into attack mode, "spritz" him. It won't hurt him, but he should get the message that is unwanted behavior. Clipping his nails will help the attacks to your skin do less damage, and getting him used to it this young can only be a good thing!

    I am sure he will calm down as he grows up, but these are things you can do right now to curb unwanted behavior.
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    I agree the spray bottle is the way to go, we have ours set for stream, it works like a swart gun with more range. we have several around the house. With our gang someone is always in trouble.
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    Our bother and sister duo, Samson and Delilah, sure sound like your little ones. These are ferals from a barn. Delilah was rescued first, and has been with humans the longest, and is still fresh and feral at times(at mealtimes you would not believe how sweet she is!). Samson, rescued in March, is really quite sweet. They will be ONE in July. We do use the squirt bottle at times, but perhaps you should look into Bach Flower Remedies to help with the bully behaviour....Good luck!!

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    I have had cats for almost fifty years and some kittens from litters over the years. I can tell you that he may mellow a little but, if he is agressive now against other cats..he is likely to continue the pattern. Possibly he'll do better in a home without another cat.
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