I've read a lot on PT about pumpkin being a good remedy for diarrhea, but I can't remember seeing anything on constipation. So I Googled - looking for a remedy for that - and what was the most recommended - pumpkin! Makes sense of course - high in fiber! It seems that my little Myndi hadn't taken a dump that I was aware of, since last Wednesday, and being that she's getting up there in years, tho in overall darn good health for 13, old Mom was getting concerned. I figured it would be a call to the vet on Monday if I couldn't fix the problem.

So - I had a can of pumpkin in the pantry - and yesterday afternoon tried to stuff some in that little mouth of hers, but she and I both ended up wearing more of it than got in her tummy. She fought me tooth and nail! However, Sparky loved it and was licking it right out of the can. Sorry Buddy - you don't need it - your sister does!

So when it came time for their dinner, I just mixed a big spoonful in with hers, along with some canned peas, and about a half teaspoon of canola oil. If that didn't get things moving - nothing would.

Success!!!! About an hour later she had results - not much - but results - and it wasn't hard so I wasn't too concerned after that. Today she produced again - and now is back to normal.

Hurray - no trip to see Dr Annie!

And I never thought I could be so enthused about dog poop!