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Thread: Poop & Pee On Chair - Outside

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    Poop & Pee On Chair - Outside

    10 days ago, a female cat walked up to our house and made our back porch her new home.

    We started feeding her. She hasn't left since. She sleeps on the back porch chairs. All day. Sometimes we let her in the office, she sleeps there on the chair.

    The last two mornings, when we came outside to feed her, we saw poop and pee on the chair.

    Not really happy about that. She has the back yard to use as her litter box, not sure why she uses our chairs?

    Any ideas? Please help!



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    Are you for sure that she is doing this?? It maybe a Male doing this so the female will smell his oder..

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    I didn't see her doing it, it might be another cat. Didn't even thougth about that.

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