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Thread: prayers for 4Dog Mom/Cincy'sMom/Dakota's Mommy & family

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    prayers for 4Dog Mom/Cincy'sMom/Dakota's Mommy & family

    I got an email a little while ago that Diana's Dad has passed away. Please keep all of them in your prayers...
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    Prayers for Diana (4 Dog Mother) - Her Dad is at the Rainbow Bridge

    Please send Prayers of Sympathy to Diana and her entire Family - including her MOM ...

    Her Beloved DAD lost his battle with a failing heart and kidneys ...
    He left for theRainbow Bridge Saturday afternoon.

    The Funeral will be in Tiffin, Ohio - details will follow when we know them.

    & {{{Hugs}}} for Diana and the entire Family

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    My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
    Forever in my heart...

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    Our prayers are with Diana, Carl and the entire family.

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    My thoughts and prayers are going out to all of them. I'm so sorry.

    Rest In Peace Dad

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    Thanks Barry!

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    I am so sorry to hear this, Diana. Many prayers to you and all your family.

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    I am so sorry. The family will be in my thoughts.
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    Add me to those who will be praying for Diana and family,

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    Thank you Staci for starting the thread and everyone for the thoughts and prayers.

    My grandpa passed away this afternoon, just after 2pm with much of his family gathered at his bedside.

    Grandpa was born in July of 1918 and had a rough childhood, after losing his mother at a young age. He and his brother and sister often were left to fend for themseves, even as young teenagers. He and my grandmother met in their teens, in Upper Sandusky Ohio 30's. They married in November 1939 and rasied 5 children in Tiffin Ohio.

    Grandpa was a strong man, to the very end. His health starting failing a little over a week ago when he was admitted for pnemonia. It was discovered then that his kidneys were in poor condition. On Thursday (May 14), he suffred a major heart attack, and it wasn't certain he would pull through, but as the wekeend went on he seemed to get stronger. This past Wednesday, the decision was made to bring him to Findlay for dialysis, something his doctors said they would not consider for most people his age. At first it seemed to help, and yesterday we thought he would soon be headed home. The doctors and nurses did not seem to believe he was 91 years old. Unfortauntely, after such along full life, his body was too tired and just couldn't fight off all the problems. He has gone home now, just not the home here we had hoped for.

    I ask that you all keep my grandmother in your prayers. It will be hard on all of us, but after sharing over 70 years of your life with someone, I can't even begin to understand what she is feeling.
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    Keeping the entire family in my thoughts and prayers.


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    many prayers being said
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    Many thoughts and prayers for the whole family. *hugs*
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    My thoughts and prayers are with with the family.
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    My thoughts and prayers are for the whole family at this sad time and most especially for grandmom. Sending much love and virtual hugs to you all.

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    I am so sorry to hear this. (((Hugs))) to the entire family and hoping that time will ease the pain and the memories of happier days will fill your minds.

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