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Thread: Fantastic news!!!

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    Fantastic news!!!

    Bobby & Sweety have found a forever home!!!

    Bobby & Sweety are fit enough to be adopted & this lady I interviewed is excited about working with Sweety & creating a safe cage for her disabilities!

    In return the lady is giving Digi a photo shoot!!

    Shes knows what I know of their past & how I have befriended Bobby & it has worked with all my friends the first time they tried it. So Bobby might have a hand issue (nothing was working), but if you do my trick you can give him nose kisses & he'll make kiss sounds back & will close his eyes. He just LOVES it

    Sweety is easy. Take her out (she bites as holding her does hurt her a little & she can't perch on a finger properly), gently place her on your shoulder & shes happy as can be

    I'm so happy for them!!

    I almost thought I was never going to be able to rehabilitate them. I origionally planned on keeping them, but learned that Birds aren't my thing (I tried but in the end I knew). So I did what i do best. Rehabilitate damaged animals & turn them into loving happy pets someone will adopt from my mini rescue

    I'll be sticking to reptiles & fish for now on.

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    so happy you found them a nice place... IŽll miss them though.. but IŽm happy for them
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    Quote Originally Posted by Husky_mom View Post
    so happy you found them a nice place... IŽll miss them though.. but IŽm happy for them
    I'll miss them too, but they deserve someone who likes birds. I can handle birds for a while but not longterm (as I learned).

    I really do appreciate all the help you gave me to help care for them & to help make them sane after I rescued them. They will make their new mommy very happy

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