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Thread: I Might adopt a boxer/pit mix pup... Advice?

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    Question I Might adopt a boxer/pit mix pup... Advice?

    I am thinking about adopting a pit/boxer mix puppy , However, I am not quite sure how aggressive it will get. I guess what I am asking is does anyone else have this mixed breed dog that can give me some heads up. Now I am not one to judge the breed just because it has some pit in it .. I have actually had a pit mix before .. I have never had a boxer though...

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    I haven't had this breed but NO dog is born aggressive they are made and trained aggressive, in other words it will probably depend on how old it is where and how it was raised. You will also have to bring it around other dogs and people all ages to get it use to being around yound children etc. and pets. You might also want to obedeince train it because a big dog and a breed that is known to be aggressive needs all the TLC and training it can get. I am not sure if this is a smart breed that learns fast and loves to please, because i have never had a pit or a boxer so it might take time. If this dog has been raised with or around other poeple or animals it should be fine. You just really have to take the time to train it.... I wish i could help you more...but i don't know much about the breed... I have three dogs two chihuahua's and a doberman pinscher and they love each other and everyone so it just depends on how it is raised. My friend has a American Pit Bull Terrior and he is so sweet loves all animals and people so its just how you rais and train it. GOOD LUCK I hope someone that has had this breed or something close comes a long and helps you...because i am not sure if this is what you're looking for.

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    I've never had a boxer but this lady I once knew where I use to go get my hair cut had a boxer and she kept it w/her at work. The dog was real friendly and would let you pet it...she usually layed over in a corner when ever I was there--just staying out of everyone's way..

    We have a lab/pit mix and she's the most loving dog ever..she gets along great with all of our other dogs--I love her to death! I think that you should go ahead and adopt that puppy..cause if you're only worried about it being aggressive I don't think you'll have a problem...dogs aren't born aggressive...things have to happen to make them that way..
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    With a Boxer/pittie mix, you should be prepared for energy, energy and energy! Wiggly, shiny and did I mention energetic? Most Boxers I have known were just sweethearts, wiggly and doing the "kidney bean" dance - that's where they bend them selves into a kidney bean shape back and forth with excitement. So as long as you are prepared to do some training off the bat, hide anything you don't want chewed, and spend time wearing a pup out, it'll be a great doggie!

    And depending on which side of the gene pool the pup favors, be prepared for snoring!
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    One of the downfalls of adopting a puppy, of any breed, is that their genetics are unknown... and a puppy isn't exactly going to show signs of what their future genetic temperament is like.

    However, I tend to believe that nurture, for the most part, is much more important than nature. As far as being prepared for aggression... that should not be an issue, given that you socialize your puppy from day one with other, polite dogs and puppies and hundreds & hundreds of people of all ages/sizes/genders/colors/clothing styles/etc! Pit Bulls are prone to dog aggression, but the chances of that will be greatly lessened by raising your puppy with other stable dogs. Do you own any other dogs? If anything, my only warning would be to prepare for a crate & rotate or seperate situation if, in the worst case scenario, the pup does turn out to be dog aggressive. Even if dog aggression does arise, lots of conditioning, desensitizing, and solid Obedience training can make that easily manageable. That's a big IF! Plenty of Pitties are very dog friendly, and if not, most are good with other dogs in the family. Both Boxers and Pitties are supposed to be super human friendly.

    Sign up for positive reinforcement based puppy classes NOW! Get into as many puppy play groups as you possibly can! Annoy all of your friends to socialize the puppy with, and call up everyone you know/ask neighbors who have friendly dogs for playdates. The biggest socialization window in a dog's life is between 8-16 weeks!

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    even if you got the most "stable" breed you can also end up with an aggressive dog... it´s all about the way you raise them... if they start to show signs correct them so they don´t aggravate...

    all the Boxer and Pits I´ve met are quite mellow...and bouncy... just yerternight I was dreaming of a doogie boot camp.. (I know) and they had all this pups lined up running still... and these couple Boxers where bouncing and wiggling in their place... so cute!!!

    anyway.. Roxyluvsme13 has a Boxer/Pit mix.. and she´s adorable!!!...
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    As said before, it's all about how you raise a dog. Both of these breeds are dominant, and it's good to have experience. Socialization is key to a friendly dog. I have a boxer, and he is probably the most friendly and gentle dog I've ever had. It all depends on the owner.

    I'm sure you'll enjoy your new pup. Congrats! (pictures please!)


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