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Thread: Need dog food storage ideas, please!

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    Need dog food storage ideas, please!

    So, this spring we have been doing a little renovating on our house; and basically have turned our storage room over into a playroom. I have found a new home for everything that was in that room except for dog food. Since we got Malone in 2002, we have kept his food in a huge rubber tote (we buy it 50# at a time) but now, I really don't have a place to keep that tote without it being in the middle of the kitchen or diningroom. So I was wondering, how and where do you store your dog food? Thank you!!!

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    We keep ours in the garage (I know, probably not much help am I)

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    NICE siggy!

    I keep mine in a closet; the cats can open cupboards, so it has to be a "cat proof" place, as they team up - the cats open the stuff, then the dogs go in andhelp themselves.

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    Mine is in a rubbermaid thing in the kitchen in a corner. Not too pretty but its convenient
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    Ours is kept in a hall closet, about 10 ft from the kitchen, in a flip top storage tote (from Home Depot). I guess it should technically be called the 'coat closet' since its right off of the living room... what whatever. That's the only place we can keep it... And it can't sit out because Zeke knows how to lift the lid with his nose!!

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    When we had Anna and Rosie, their dog food was always stored in a plastic bin, we'd just empty the bag and pour it in there, and then put it away in the wood cabinet right next to their dog food - made everything easier - Same thing with Hank.
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    I have this it stores a lot of food but it doesn't take up a huge amount of space. It's airtight so it keeps out any bugs. I keep it in the basement.

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    We have 2 of the Iris air-tight storage containers (30 Qt), which we keep in the closet:

    Although it only holds around 30#'s of food, Amazon does sell a 60 Qt. size

    I love that it's on wheels and is pretty easy to use.
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    In the laundry room in a big plastic container.
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    Will your container fit under your bed?? I keep the dog food in a container on top of the dryer in which is in the garage..

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    I have Stack-n-Store. They have a ring kind of thing on the top of the door for putting a padlock or clip on. I got mine at Pet Supplies Plus for about $20. I have them stacked in the hallway next to the kitchen door (cats & dogs). I just pour a bag of food in it and scoop when I feed. They hold about 20lbs of food each.

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    The FurKids eat out of the Garbage.

    Well, their Krunchies are *stored* in a once brand new 30 gallon Galvanized
    metall Garbage Can with a tight-fitting metal lid. "Their Can" got a soap & hot water bath
    (inside & out) the day at it moved into the 1st floor hall Coat Closet, and
    has been faithfully holding Big Bags of Dawg Krunchies for 30 years!

    The 30 gallon size fits under all the short or waist-length coats; the longer coats
    are hung at the other end of the closet. The Krunch Can was big enough to hold an
    (old) 50# bag of Krunchies - back in the Dark Ages when they packaged
    the stuff in 50#ers.
    A current "big" bag only holds 30-35# ... Almost looks empty when a fresh bag goes in!

    Da KAT had his Krunchies in two plastic tubs - one to hold an 18-25# full bag;
    and a second "cereal storage" and server tub with a little flip-door in the top.
    His grub was stored in the bathroom linen closet - his dining area was ON the Vanity -
    out of reach of the Dawg Mob.

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    well the mostly in the fridge lol, but the kibble I have on hand, as well as Guinness' dogfood when I am dogsitting, goes in the linin closest in the bathroom.
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    Some tips I learned about pet food storage...

    -Keep dry pet food in the ORIGINAL BAG if at all possible.
    -The bag can then be put inside something plastic, but transferring food from the original bags to plastic bins has been proven to negatively affect palatability.
    -In addition, food in plastic containers oxidizes faster and therefore degrades more quickly (e.g. loss of polyunsaturated fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins).

    (This information comes from a DVM boarded in veterinary internal medicine that knows more about the inner workings of the pet food industry than anyone I know.)

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