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Thread: DOG GROOMERS what clippers do you use??

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    DOG GROOMERS what clippers do you use??

    To the groomers out there, I have been using the andis super 2 speed clippers but am in need of a new set. I want to try a different brand and was woundering what you use and what you think of them. I have also used the andis power groms which i hated, they were light and short so i cloud get into armpits real easy but went through 3 pairs because they all lost power within 3 weeks of purchase and oster A5(horrible)bulky and burnt you hand. I just dont want to spend $200 on something that isnt all its cracked up to be.

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    I use Andis single speed and love them.
    I wouldn't use anything different but that's just me.
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    In my opinion, single speed is better than 2 speed. I switched from Oster to Andis a few years ago. I get the Andis ACG. I like them. I'd get another.

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    Love the Andis ACG Super 2 speed. We went through so many one speeds, they just never lasted long, within a year they were dead. I've had one of my two-speeds for three years and it's still doign a good job. Only thing is, the lever needs to be changed more often than on the one-speed!! ALWAYS change your lever when you think your clipper is crapping out on you, most of the time it will be brand new after this.
    I've had Oster clippers, I hate them. They don't last long, the ones I've had have been awkward and hard to turn the button on. The last one was amazingly light, but died after three days of use, brand new. Never again.
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    I do not like Oster clippers, either. I would definately take Andis over Oster.

    We use Laubes. Very pricy, though, so unless you are doing a lot of dogs as a professional groomer, probably not worth it.
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    I am a profesonal groomer doing about 5-8 dogs a day, depending on the season. I am looking to start my own shop and need a back-up as I will have no coworkers to rely on if my one pair cop-out on me. I do like my andis super 2 speeds as they are lighter than the regular agc 1 or 2 speeds. Its amazing what i minor differance in weight will do. my arm does not get fatigued anymore. My clipper guy just tries to get me to try different kinds, and well hes not a groomer so it's hard to take clipper advice from him when hes not the one using them all day every day.

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