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Thread: Blue Pup

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    Blue Pup

    I have tried writing this dozens of times and I couldn't make it just right. But it has already been a few days and I just can't put this off any longer.

    I got Blue when I was nine years old. I had wanted a dog for a long time (we had a few when I was younger but I barely remember them). My aunt's, friend's, dog had a litter of pups so we went to check them out. They were all really cute and I actually didn't want the soon-to-be-Blue at first. But now I am so glad that my first choice wasn't chosen. He had been called Bear by the original owners because he was twice the size of his his brothers and sisters. We should have taken that as a hint that he wasn't going to be big, he was going to be huge. I had fun trying to train him and all summer we would go for 2-3 walks a day. Blue led me to tonnes of new trails, a hidden beach and to many new friends both human and dog.

    Blue was a sweet heart. He loved life, he loved people, he loved food but most of all he loved his walks. He could go on for hours. Walking around the neighbourhood, finding new trails to explore, checking out his favourite trails and his favourite walk was a trail through some woods, along a stream that lead to a semi-private beach.

    In the last couple of months he hadn't quite been right. At first it looked like he was packing on the weight but when we could start to feel his ribs and his spine we knew that it couldn't be the case. So on March 20, 2009 we took him to the vet who after some tests told us that his abdomen was full of fluid, which happened to be blood. He was bleeding out. The vet believes that it was his spleen if not then his liver. The fluid had pushed his organs up towards his chest squishing them together. It made it hard for him to breathe and the constant pressure on his heart caused him to have congestive heart failure(CHF).

    He was strong for almost an entire month after the diagnosis. He ate normally for the most part and when he stopped eating his kibble he ate canned food and when he refused to eat that I spent a couple of hours learning about a good balanced diet so he could eat healthy human food. On his good days he he demanded we went for walks, even though they were short, he enjoyed them with every ounce of his soul. We had a joke that all the people who avoided him on our walks (apparently he was scary looking...?) were obviously stupid people that we didn't want to meet anyways which was confirmed by their ignorance of large dogs. On his bad days we sat out side in the back yard and listened to the birds, smelled the scents on the wind (well he did, I didn't) and watched the sun set.

    On Thursday 16, 2009 Blue stopped eating, it was also his last walk and the next day his eyes started going yellow, which turned out as green with his eyes. He wasn't doing well but he wasn't ready to go right then. I kept asking him and he would go pick up a toy, get a drink or anything to show me that he wasn't ready. But on Sunday when I asked him if it was time he looked me in the eye and then went to sleep...he knew it was time. So we located the only e-vet in the area and brought him in that after noon.

    When we got there we had to wait about 30 minutes until they could even see Blue. Now that I think back to it I am quite thankful for the extra time. We spent it outside the vet clinic since it was a perfect day. The temperature was perfect, the breeze was nice, the sun was shining and Blue enjoyed it. He sniffed around at interesting smells, let the wind blow in his face and then he came and sat with us while we shared good memories about him. Eventually the vet called us in and examined him. She let us bring him into our van before he was pts since he was so big (which the vet tech at first said wasn't aloud and that we would have to carry him out through the waiting room after, I still don't like her). He died peacefully surrounded by the people that loved him most.

    To sum things up....Blue was a great dog and my best friend. It has been hard accepting that after nearly seven years I won't see him for a long time. He was my best friend who helped me when I lost some good pets, when I got a bad grade and especially when I had a rough year where it seemed that bad things just kept coming one after another. I still love him and I always will. Rest In Peace Blue, gone but never forgotten. One day I will see you again and my day will have its sun once more.

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    I am so sorry for your loss.
    Blue was definately loved and will continue to be loved.
    Run free at the bridge Beautiful Blue.

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    I'm so sorry about Blue. I have told you before, he was one of my favorites. Such a handsome boy. I'm sure he had a very good life with you and was a happy boy. I will miss seeing him. I'm sorry you have lost your best friend. Only time, a lot of time, will heal your pain. And yes you will see him again, one fine day. {{{hugs}}}
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    I'm so sorry to hear this. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful dog. I can tell how much he was loved through your writing and photos. Rest peacefully at the Bridge handsome Blue, we'll all miss you.

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    I'm sorry to hear about Blue he was a beautiful dog and he sounded special what kind was he?
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    I am so sorry He lived a wonderful life with you full of love and happiness.
    Rest in Peace Beautiful Blue
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    I'm so very sorry. What a beautiful tribute to such a wonderful dog. He was beautiful. I just lost my 2 best canine friends I have had since childhood and I know how you feel. (((hugs))) You're in my thoughts..
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    The tribute to your handsome Blue made me cry. It was beautiful. As hard as it , know that Blue had an awesome life with you. I'm sure he'll be waiting for you when the time comes. I'm so sorry for your loss.

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    What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful dog. I can tell how much you loved him since it just shines thru this tribute from start to finish! I'm so sorry for your loss, but he'll be waiting for you at RB, and when you meet, will never have to be separated again.

    RIP beautiful Blue. Run free - play hard - and explore all those new trails and beaches. I'm sure you'll find a very special one that you will be able to take your human family to one day.
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    Your words brought tears to my eyes, but especially the part how Blue let you know it was time.
    I know it hurts and it will for a long time. But you did what was best for him and he knows that.
    I'm sure he's having a good time at the Bridge with all the other animals that are patiently waiting for one fine day.

    RIP Blue
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    I'm very sorry for your loss, Blue was indeed a beautiful dog, inside and out it seems. His eyes were stunning. Your love comes through in every word of that tribute, and Blue knows exactly why things happened, he told you when he had to go. I feel your pain.

    Godspeed to the bridge, sweetie, and Peace to your family. They'll know when they're walking that you're with them and love them forever, as they'll love you.

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    I´m so sorry....

    I also loved Blue... he emited a very special soul..even through pics...

    he will be missed and always be remembered as the gorgeous loving pooch he always was....
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    I'm so sorry to hear that Blue has crossed over to the RB. Always did enjoy seeing him on here.

    A great tribute to a great dog! That was beautifully written, and I love all the pictures. Definitely was tearing up by the end.


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    Thank you so much guys. I still miss him a lot and it has been hard but the thought of him not hurting any more makes it easier.

    Genny: Blue was a german shepherd, husky and golden retriever mix.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about Blue. You did a very, very nice tribute to him. He's forever grateful to you.
    You're the one sure thing I've found so you better stick around...
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