My boyfriend and I recently bought a house together and moved in our 2 Jack Russells (Lilo & Stitch). Stitch, my dog, is the most wonderful dog. We have absolutely no problems with her (knock on wood). However, Lilo poops in the house everyday. These two go out 4-5 times a day and are out for long periods of time. Stitch will poop and pee outside; Lilo usually just pees outside. No sooner do we get into the house, Lilo will disappear and poop. She poops in one of three places and it is driving me crazy. She is 3 years old and was never properly trained, in my opinion. She used to go to the bathroom in her old house too, so it's not just this house. How do we properly train her? I try to reward her when she poops outside- I practically throw a party. We discipline her when she poops in the house- she knows she does wrong because her ears go down and she tries hiding under the bed. I am ready to take her back to my boyfriend's dad if this continues. Any advice would be appreciated.