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Thread: Cat Food Question

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    Cat Food Question

    I'm trying to find a cat food that will cut down on the smell coming from the litter box related to bowel movements. I keep a very clean litter box which is kept down the hall in an extra bedroom. The bowel movements have a god awful smell that "floats" down the hallway. I clean the box immediately because of this. Any suggestions regarding a cat food that can help with this aromatic problem.
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    What litter are you using? Perhaps changing your litter or adding some baking soda to the box would cut down on the smell. What food are you giving them now?

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    It has been my experience changing cat food brands can indeed affect the cat's bm and associated odor.

    What brand(s) do you use, dry or wet?

    Take a look at the list of ingredients of your current catfood brand. Lots of brands use grain fillers and they frequently are listed in the list of ingredients -- in the first few.

    I use a grain-free kibble food for my two devon rex's. Their coats have improved, less odor to the bm's and they run to the food bowls when it is time to eat.

    I'm sure others will be by and offer their varied opinions as well.
    Sebastian & Miss Minnie

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