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Thread: german shepherd chow golden retriever rotweiler mix???

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    hello I have a mix breed dog and I don't know what it is.... they say it's part chow and probably german shepherd but i really have no clue... others say its part golden retriever... he is 1 year now and all i know is that he is very independent.. and can't stand the heat... he is always digging a hole to lay on the cool dirt or just looks for the shade.... and he has a long hair coat looks like a lion..... so I just want to know what you guys think.....
    Most Chow mix usually still has black tongue. I think yours is a mix of German shepherd (the muzzle) and golden (the ears). ^^

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    Eyes & tongue

    The eyes appear shepherd. If those are gray/blue/black marks on the tongue, it can be an indication of chow chow.

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    Not all chow mixes have black tongues or spots. It doesn't indicate they have chow in them.. My friend's golden retriever has a spot on his tongue and he's purebred. My Rottweiler mix, Jenny (RIP) had a spot on her tongue and was no way a chow.
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