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Thread: English Shepherd?

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    English Shepherd?

    What do you guys think, is my dog an English Shepherd? I got her from the pound as a puppy. At first, I thought she had some sheltie somewhere in her, but I just recently found out about the English Shepherd, and she seems pretty similar. An extra note you can't really see in the pictures, her tail is curled and is held high on her back and is very fluffy.

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    I don't see any english shepherd in him..... but I do see Border Collie and or Australian Shepherd! Cute dog!

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    in the first pic I see some Aussie-ish features...

    in the last one I see a small breed dog facial expression although not sure which one...

    I also see a lil underbite too...I thought boxer.. not sure why... besides coloring.. hehe

    this is a boxer/lab mix.. yours could be mixed intead of lab with aussie or any other fluffy one

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    Hehe, thanks for the replies ^^ All that I'm really certain of is that she is some kind of a herding dog; her personality, its obvious that herding has been bred into her. The reason I thought ES was because I've seen some pictures of some with the same coloring as her, but I've never actually seen an ES in person and know nothing about the breed. She has a very bad underbite, but I think that could just be a birth defect, since she also has elbow problems and back problems. I can see why you would think boxer, especially based on that picture, but she's pretty small, only about 30 pounds, and her shoulder doesn't even come up to my knee =) But thank you for the opinions ^^ Whatever she is, she's a love.

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    hmmm...she's cute. I see no English Shepherd either. With her size and color I see Sheltie. With her length of coat and ears I see Australian Shepherd. The underbite throws me off. It is possible a small boxer is in the mix, but I'm not for sure. I FOR SURE see Sheltie and Aussie.
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    hmm.. I can kind of see where you see some english shepherd in her... a little bit. Not sure what else I see in her though. I could possibly see some Aussie.

    I really don't see sheltie in her at all. Her coloring is a common color for the ES as well.. and from the ES standard, their typical weight is between 35-65lbs. So size and color could come from the ES.

    Here is a pic I found on the English Shep. club website.

    They have a wide range of looks... and are closely related to Collies, shelties, borders, aussies...etc....

    another pic I found....

    As far as the underbite. Sometimes that just happens. years ago I had a Collie with an underbite... who would have thought.. a collie with one?? LOL
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