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Thread: Hello fellow pet people

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    First I'd like to say thank you for all the warm welcomes.
    I have done some research on Luna and i believe i have found what breed he is.
    aTailOf2Kitties had mentioned Turkish Angora, which i had never thought of. After some research i believe he is indeed a turk, a blue mackerel Turkish angora actually. After reviewing their physical features (and seeing pictures) he is exactly like them. His coat is not thick like a mainecoon but turks do not have an undercoat which explained that. He fit right into all the character attributes as well. I had believed for a while he had at least a little bit of mainecoon but i guessed wrong. But now i know what he is thanks to all of you.


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    Just north of Memphis TN, USA
    so what do I win?

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    A big smile!!

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