Hi everyone, my name is Gwen and I live near Memphis. I recently had to send my bestest kitty-buddy Montego across the RainbowBridge the last weekend in January. After 7 years together, his passing left a HUGE hole in my life. Since he was a rescue, I decided to fill the void and rescue another kitty to honor his memory. I started searching the internet for suitable candidates and found 2 snowshoes just across the river in Arkansas. Couldn't decide between the 2 of them so brought them both home. Toby is a young adult seal point and is full grown at 7 pounds. Havoc is a 7 month old lynx point with a gimpy leg from an old injury that was not treated. He goes in for FHO surgery on Monday. He does walk on the leg a little now (with a pretty decent limp) so hopefully he will regain full use later on.

Anyway here's my boys:

As for me, I'm actually more of a dog person, but I've had cats off and on (as well as birds and fish) most of my life and cats are best suited to my current lifestyle (I'm gone most of the day). I love just about all animals though.... except for pigs.... I can't hang with pigs, sorry. LOL.

sorry for the novel... I talk alot sometimes, especially about my fur-babies!