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    when I first took Leo to the "expensive" vet to see about his surgery, that vet, besides wanting to pull..QUOTE.."at least one tooth and possibly 2 teeth" also wanted to put him on Interferon for 3 months, which I was probably never going to go along with, unless after I researched it and changed my mind. my brother was on that several years ago, and though it helped restore his health, it made him severly ill for a long time and he had to stop it temporarily, he had a toxic level in his system.

    does anyone know anything about giving Interferon to cats, has anyone out there given it to their cats? even the current vet suggested it to boost his immune system, but I said I prefer to try the L-lysine and if that does not help then I would reconsider the interferon. she agreed.

    thninking back on that first place that I took my cat to to see about the surgery, unbelieveable! it was going to cost twice as much..sheesh!
    so glad I found the 2nd place.

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    Although it been quite a long time ago, I do seem to remember that my vet at that time would prescribe both interferon and antibiotics at the same time when my cats had URI's. He's the only vet that has ever done this and I don't know if it really helped or not. My cats were only it for about 2 weeks or so. He would also always prescribe antibiotics after teeth cleanings and my future vets never did.They'd only prescribe it if a tooth was pulled.
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    thank you

    anyone else have any experience with this with their cats?

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    Yes. See my response to your other thread about Interferon.

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    thanks moosmom, I will look at it now, sorry I didn't see it before.

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