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Thread: Mystery Wound on Cat's head...

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    Mystery Wound on Cat's head...

    I spent 10 days or so making daily visit's to a friend's cat while he and his GF were in Mexico. This guy does love his cat George, and is a kind person, but just isn't really educated about various cat things.

    George is a beautiful (handsome?) grey and white boy, longhair - but the hair isn't thin and static-filled - it is very thick and woolly and prone to mats on his back near the tail, and his flanks.

    Also - on his head I noticed a wound on his head, next to the back of the left ear. It had scabbed over - I used some coconut oil on it gently, and got the black scabbing off (the crumbly stuff, not a big solid one). It reminded me of a BB pellet severely grazing the skull, not hitting it directly.

    According to George's owner, he has had that for a while - and it NEVER bothers him, even when touched. But - neither has the owner had this checked by a vet! He is not mean, just needs educating - for example, he is more than willing to be shown better grooming tools! (Oscar and Cole were without theirs for a week or so! )

    So, will be gently nagging about a vet visit and the other stuff.

    But any ideas about this wound? Even when I am rubbing oil on it, it's like George doesn't notice. He is healthy, energetic, eats well and uses his box just fine.

    Thanks for your input.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    I agree with you, about the gentle hints to get the cat to the vet to have things checked out!!!

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    Thankfully, the owner is very open to suggestions and advice. I'll keep at it!
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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    can't imagine what it could be...but the fact that it doesn't go away, seems to me that either-1) the cat keeps scratching it and it didn't heal because of that or 2) there might be something under the scab, maybe that is why it won't heal, something that may need to be removed?? seems like if it were a sore it would heal if left alone.

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    No idea, but I did wonder if this was under a patch of white hair?

    There may be NOT connection, being different species and all. But white hair dogs routinely get skin "bumps" as they age, and these turn to the crumbly black scab and come off. I know there is a term the vet used other than "bumps," but I don't remember it.

    Just saying, it could be nothing, so he -- the owner -- shouldn't be terrified of bad news by getting in to the vet.

    If you do find out, let us know!

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    Sandie, George IS a grey and white kitty - so maybe there was a patch of white hair there.

    I'll let you know.


    ETA: Is it this?
    Mycetoma are tumor-like masses caused by several species of fungi that enter the body through wounds. The typical appearance is a lump beneath the skin with an open tract to the surface draining a granular material. The color of the granules is white, yellow or black, depending on the type of fungus involved. The condition may resemble a chronic abscess that refuses to heal with antibiotics. Some species of mycetoma can cause a fatal infection.

    Recommended Treatment: Antifungal drugs are seldom effective. Complete surgical removal is the treatment of choice.
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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