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Thread: Prop 8, 3/5/09 oral argument

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    Prop 8, 3/5/09 oral argument

    Talk about personalizing things, watch this video and see if it doesn't move you.

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    If marriage is really about love, why would any couple want the government involved?
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    Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.

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    I presume most marriages are about love. I also presume that many people want equal treatment afforded to them, regardless of sexual preference.
    I know I want equal treatment for those that love me and that I love.

    I would think there wouldn't be strong opposition to this if it were just about love. I think it is more.

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    Thank you for posting that link.

    IMHO, discrimination and government intrusion have no part in the Constitution of the United States, or in the Constitution of any individual state. Constitutions were created to give rights to people, not take them away or prevent people from obtaining them.

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    Cataholic, You would not believe the hate that the prop 8 advocates were throwing during the election, it was the ugliest thing I remember. I could not drive down one street here in California without having people jump out at me with their signs.
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    The video would not have swayed me one way or another.
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    It did break my heart. Why do people care who loves who???

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    I hate this whole thing, it's so pointless. I don't understand why someone has to come between someone else's choices and love. It's just not fair to me. I know many religious groups do not approve of it as there are many people in my school like that, just because their parents believe something. That's their choice, but it's not fair for the government to be involved. "home of the free" psh yeah right.

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