Your neighbors in Ayden are very happy to see you as Dog Of The Day. It appears that you were sufficiently camouflaged for our recent snowfall and I must say the color of snow suits you well. While you are as white as snow and it is said that you like snow, you won't experience a lot of that white stuff in this part of the country. But, like my menagerie, you can enjoy it to the fullest when it does pay us a visit.
I am very happy that you were rescued into a good home. My menagerie consist of three rescues of different breeds and ages that I rescued from bad situations when they were pups and they bring me a great deal of happiness every day. Despite their diversity, or maybe because of it, they are the most compatible group of dogs I have ever seen. They truly love each other and that adds to my happiness.
But, back to you Mister Dog Of The Day...enjoy your fame. We wish you many years of happiness with your family.