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    You sweet huge piece of cat love you.
    You vocal fluffly beautiful kitty.
    Happy COTD RagaMuffin (i love your name)
    Thanks to your human for sharing with us your wonderful and quirky personality.

    (now I have the song Sunshine Reggae playing in my head with the words "raga-ragamuffin" thanks to your wonderful name)

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    Well, Sir Raggy, you certainly captured my heart just reading about you, so I can imagine what a delight you must be in purrson. I just adore quirky kitties and your quirk about having all doors open is just too funny. I'll bet your keep your humans laughing all the time and for that, you most definitely deserve your title as COTD. Enjoy, royal one!

    "Time and unforeseen occurrence befall us all." Ecclesiastes 9:11

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    Sir Ragga, I think Vanille should love you, because she is very ... "present", too!!!
    Have a good Day, it's yours!

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