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Thread: Pets On The Sims Game??

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    Pets On The Sims Game??

    Hi, well some of you might have heard about the game called The Sims where you control the people and build them a houser and stuff? Well, if you do, I have one of the latest versions, Sims House Party, and I noticed that the only choices that they have for pets is a fish tank, and a Guinea Pig. Don't you think they should have dogs, cats rabbits, snakes, and a lot more pets!! I just want to know because I thought it was a good survey question.
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    Actually they do have a new version of the game coming out with pets very soon in the next month or two. Someone posted a thread about it sometime in the past month, maybe it was Wolf Q? They had the link to the Sims website and I think the game is called Sims Unleashed.

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    Yep, you are right, Vermontcat. Click HERE for the link to the original post. It sounds pretty sweet to me, I'm going to buy it! There are several different breeds of dogs/cats you can get. If you like computer games with "pets" I suggest you check out the games Dogz and Catz. I think they are great, and there are new versions coming out of them this fall, probably around the same time as the new Sims.

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    gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie gimmie
    mmmmmmmm... sims unleashed... hehehehehe

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