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Thread: pictures of Oreo's swim therapy

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    pictures of Oreo's swim therapy

    Oreo had knee sugery abut two months ago. As part of her rehab, she swims once a week at "Cuttting Edge K9 Rehab." The pool is heated, and they even have a platform "lift" for more seriously injured dogs who can't use the stairs to get in/out. Here are some pictures.

    This is the pool:

    The yellow lab is Takara. Her mom is the physical therapist who runs the business. Takara's job is to greet the clients and to be a role model for teaching new swimmers.

    Oreo swimming:

    My happy girl resting on the platform:
    Oreo and Molly

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    Well if you have to do exercises for your health that looks a lovely place to do them! Oreo certainly looks as though she is enjoying her therapy. Is it helping her?

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    Swimming is part of human's rehab too in many cases, so why not dogs. It looks like a wonderful place, and Oreo looks so proud there on the resting platform. Hope her knee is getting better!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Killearn Kitties View Post
    Is it helping her?
    Yes, I think it is helping her. On land, she can walk for 15 minutes, and then she gets very tired and wants to rest. However, she can swim for 30 minutes. Also, the swimming seems to help "smooth" out her stride--she limps less after swimming.

    Thank you for your kind replies!
    Oreo and Molly

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    That's really cool. I wish there was one of those places near me. I'd take my chubby beagle there every day.

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