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Thread: Adorable Amanda

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    Hello amanda!

    Happy cat of the day! You sure are gorgeous and a real angel too! I love your colors so much. Your otto looks a bit like my female pepper as far as the coat with the gray areas! Both of you are precious. I am so glad you have a great warm place to live and love! I live with a black and white tuxedo- and a shorthair who,as i've said-is alittle like otto. Over here in upstate ny/usa we are going through a real chill. Well i prefer this to the intense humidity we get in the summers. Bless you and your humans/susanswatlin518

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    The name "Amanda" means "worthy of being loved" - and are you ever!

    What a totally heartwarming picture of you loving your handsome friend Otto.

    Have a wonderful, warm and loved COTD, beautiful Amanda!
    "To begin, begin." ~William Wordsworth

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