Good morning and a very happy Pet of the Day to you, precious one! What a treat it is to be the first to congratulate you on your big day, Howl! The cuteness meter is totallly off the charts're simply too adorable for words, Howl! (That bottom shot is a killer!) I've never had the honor of being guardian to a Ferret (though I worship them from afar at PetsMart). But should that happy day ever come, I hope he or she will be as fun loving, people loving, life loving as you! Your family is so very lucky to have been blessed with a furry best friend as sweet and loving as you, Howl! Enjoy your much deserved Pet of the Day reign, sweetheart! Hope you're treated to lots of fun adventures, playtime, cuddles and treats; the "Full Monty!" Love and smoochies to you adorable Howl, our very special and most deserving honoree!