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Thread: Guess The Breed & Letter Game!!!

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    Guess The Breed & Letter Game!!!

    Hi, you remember the rules, right? Well, I saved the picture Ash put on my other thread and I am going to put all the info and everything on a thread with a catchier title. I hope this game will get as popular as the others! Well, here are the rules!

    Anybody Wanna Play A Fun Game??
    Okay, I have an idea for a game, and since I've been having so much fun with my dog encyclopedia, doing it on a dog breed. And maybe after this one I'll do a cat breed, since I do have a cat breed flipbook thing. Anyway, here are the rules:

    Look at the picture and read the description. Then try to guess what breed of dog it is, or guess a letter to try and spell out the breed, to help you along. Everytime there is a guess, another hint is displayed in my reply. The first one to guess the breed wins!

    1. Only five guesses per person.
    2. You can only guess again after someone else has guessed, to give other people a chance.
    3. Try not to look it up. If you absoloutely need to, then go on ahead, I'm not monitoring you or anything, but try not to unless you are really baffled.
    4. Do not guess a letter that someone has already guessed.
    5. You can only guess one thing- a letter or a breed- at a time, you cannot guess a letter and a breed in one post.

    I guess that's about it. I know it sounds like some other games played at Pet Talk, but it is still fun. The directions/rules might be confusing, but you'll get it, and you can PM me if you have any questions. I'll post the picture and description next. Good Luck!

    Here is the letter clue:

    _ _ _ _ _ _ *_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ *_ _ _ _ _ _ _

    The asterisks are representing spaces.

    Here is the description:

    AKC Ranking: 73
    Date of origin: 1800's
    Life span: 12-14 years old
    Weight: 45-75lbs
    Height: Male: 24-26" Female: smaller, but not less than 22"
    Color: liver and white, with ears and head solid liver, sometimes with a white blaze.
    Good Luck!!!

    Here is the picture:

    Good luck guys and have fun!
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    Oh, duh! Forgot the attachment lol!
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    Good Job Britt! I personally thougth people might get confussed havein information on 2 diffrent thread. . Have fun everyone!

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