Happy Dog of the Day to you, beautiful Termite! What a charming, lovable, goofer you are, sweetheart! I think your name's as beautiful as you, and certainly suits you to a "T!" You're one personality packed pooch, no doubt about it! But despite your "quirks," when all is said and done, you're just a lover at heart, a sweet and cuddly lovebug with a heart of pure gold! We're all just happy to hear that none of your adventures ended in any injuries (though the deck was not quite as fortunate). And while you may be a handful at times, you're a perfect match for your family, a family who loves you unconditionally, quirks and all; that's all that matters, right sweetheart?

Lots of love and hugs to you precious Termite, our extra special Sunday honoree! I hope you and your fave fur brother, and all of your fursibs, are enjoying a very happy and fun filled (safe!) day celebrating your well earned "top dog" reign, being spoiled to the max! Be a good girl now and stay safe...your family wants you around for a long, long time! Congratulations, beautiful Termite!

Sorry about having to start a second thread; Pet Talk won't let me post on the original!