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Thread: Bertie Wooster

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    Bertie Wooster

    Darling Bertie,

    Your story just brightened my whole morning! What a delightful young fellow you seem to be -- and from your photos, it's obvious that you're a handsome little devil, as well.

    I congratulate you on your excellent taste in music, and on your ability to make friends with your big brother Arthur (also a gorgeous guy, I might add). It sounds as though you came into a very happy family, and made it even happier!

    So, cheers to Bertie Wooster, our newest Cat of the Day! May you have a wonderful day of special celebrations and general adoration.
    There aren't too many bad spots that can't be made at least a little better by either a nap, a cat, or both.

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    Bertie!!! You sure look sooo happy rolling in the 'nip!! HAPPY COTD!!!

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    Oh Bertie, who could resist you? Certainly not anyone you have met so far! They all lovely special Bertie with his fluffy massageable body and first-class social skills!

    Congratulations to you sweet boy. It is a great honour to be chosen as Cat of the Day and I hope you have your happiest day ever!

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