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Thread: my cat keeps throwing her water out of her cat dishes

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    my cat keeps throwing her water out of her cat dishes

    My cat no matter what i do takes her water dish and drinks from it then throws the rest all over the floor, I tried letting the water stay in the sink, and she still splashes it all over the floor, I have also tried this round water tank that pours water out the sides of it and she still figures out a way to throw the water on the floor. And tried a water fountain and she would just knock it over, what I want to know is is there a way to get her to stop this behavior. There are three cats total in the house, don' have this trouble with the other two, just her.even a glass of water for me she knocks over.

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    I was beginning to think I was the only one who had this problem...One of our cats, my fourteen and a half year old named Sam (female), does the same thing. I too tried everything I could think of to get her to stop this...I put the water bowl inside a large mixing bowl to catch what she knocks out, among other things. That works okay, more or less, but hasn't stopped her from doing it. Finally, what has worked the best as far as dealing with the water going everywhere, is I now put the water bowl in our hall bathroom...We have a shower stall and a separate bathtub, so I put her bowl inside the shower stall on the shower floor. The kitties can walk right in to drink, and when Sam goes for a dip, the water just stays in the shower, and ends up just going down the drain. When we use the shower, we put the water bowl in the tub, and they just hop in there to drink. This has worked pretty well. This might work for you...Good luck!
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    I really don't know what to say to help you. My Sunny loves to bat the water out of the water bowls too but not as bad as your cat. I thought he'd out grow it but he's now 8 years old and he still does it. I've been putting my water bowls inside of clean litter boxes for years now to help with the water mess. I used to have a drinkwell fountain but then he decided to play with it one day and he got a lot of water every where so that was the end of that. Good luck.
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    My Pinot doesn't like her water to stay in her dish; well, to put it another way, she doesn't like her dish to stay where it belongs. She has a dual food/ water dish. When she eats, she bats the dish to knock water into the food, then when she's done, she bats the dish around the room. I bought one of those mats that keep the dish in place, and has a lip to keep the water in, but she can get the dish over that lip.

    I do have a separate water only dish in the kitchen (she's fed on the lower level, separate floors), which she tends to leave where it belongs, and usually only uses that one for drinking. Maybe you could put a water dish somewhere separate away from the food? It worked for Pinot.

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    I use to have that problem.. Now may I ask how much does this baby weigh?? What you have to do is get a Heavy Ceramic bowl that the weight of the cat can not turn over.. Go to Tractor Supply or Pet Store or Walmart & look for a Heavy Ceramic Rabbit or ect Bowl.. Lets see if that works.. I also have heavy metal bowls in metal stands.. That works also.. For right now I would first go for the Heavy Ceramic Bowl idea.. Good Luck & keep us posted..

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    I've heard that many cats don't like their water next to their food, so Fister has always had his glasses of water in seperate places. One in our bedroom, and a drink well in the corridor. At night, I usually leave a bowl of water in the kitchen sink.

    Good luck solving this.

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    I have a cat named Thumper who does the same thing (in siggy below, see row 2, picture 2) . After he tips over the water container I just clean it up. He is a very bad boy, and pretty much does what he wants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willow Oak View Post
    I have a cat named Thumper who does the same thing (in siggy below, see row 2, picture 2) . After he tips over the water container I just clean it up. He is a very bad boy, and pretty much does what he wants.
    My cat tigger could be your cats twin he is exactly the same color and has white under neath him just like thumper, his paws are white also,

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    I've been told that cats do this because they can't see the water and it helps them figure out where it is. My kitten does this a lot and ends up sticking her nose in it and sneezing anyway. IDK how I can help her. The best I can do is clean the mess and bring her to the dog bowl. She is able to drink from the dogs bowl better than her own oddly enough. At least Pip doesn't mind Bean drinking his water. Do you think different color bowls make sight easier? This is kind of different from your problem. Any suggestions?

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    I don't think that eye sight has anything to do with it. Cats don't have to see the water, they can smell it, and some of them also like to play with or in water. You can put an absorbent mat or a tray under the waterbowl to contain the mess; make sure that the bowl is shallow enough for Bean, especially if she is still pretty small.
    Maybe she would enjoy a water fountain.

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